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Citigroup Appoints New Global Head of Equity Capital Markets

October 15, 2019

US-based multinational banking service provider CitiGroup recently revealed in an announcement that it has appointed two new executives to role of Global Head of Equity Capital Markets. As per update released by the firm, the two executives who will be working in co-capacity as global heads are both parts of CitiGroup’s family and have been promoted to their new roles.

Citigroup to Restructure Its FX Business Operations

June 19, 2019

US-based multinational investment banking and financial service provider Citigroup Inc recently made an announcement revealing its plans to merge two of its Forex related business operations into one single business operation. The banking giant announced that the decision to merge two units was agreed upon post its recent enterprise-wide review owing to a series of consumer scandals and as some of its business ventures failed to meet expected targets.

Arnab Nilim Appointed As Head of FX London Branch of Goldman Sachs Asset Management

May 28, 2019

The London branch of global investment banking giant Goldman Sachs’s Asset Management division now has a new head of FX. As per the statement released by the banking giant, Arnab Nilim an industry veteran with nearly two decades of experience in the finance industry has now been hired by the firm to serve as Managing Director and Head of Currency in the Asset management division.

Deutsche Bank Pledged to Arrest Decline in Revenue in 2019, Fiscal 2018 Revenue 4.3% Lower at €25.32 billion

March 23, 2019

German multinational investment and financial services company, Deutsche Bank published its annual report for fiscal 2018, that ended on 31st Dec 2018. During the period, the bank showed a weak performance achieving revenue of €25.32 billion, which is 4.3 per cent lower compared to that of 2017. Taking a look at the report, the bank has pledged to reverse the declining revenue in 2019 assuming solid economic growth during the period.