The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Senior Leadership Team Appointment

RBNZThe Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has appointed Patrick Hoerler to its Senior Leadership Team – as Assistant Governor and General Manager of Business Operations.

Mr. Hoerler joined the Reserve Bank in January 2017 and was most recently the Bank’s Head of Risk and Audit.

As Assistant Governor and General Manager of Business Operations, Mr. Hoerler will be leading the Bank’s Digital Services, Property Assets and Security teams and have responsibility for the Bank’s business continuity office in Auckland.

Prior to joining the Reserve Bank, Mr. Hoerler was the Risk Assurance Officer for Mercury Energy and was previously its Treasurer. He has a background in corporate treasury, finance, and international banking. Patrick is Swiss and spent time working in Switzerland, New York, and Singapore before moving to New Zealand.

In November, the Reserve Bank announced plans to introduce a senior leadership team to better help it achieve its vision of ‘Great Team, Best Central Bank’.

Recruitment continues for the remaining two vacant positions on the Senior Leadership Team – Assistant Governor/GM Governance, Strategy and Corporate Relations, and Assistant Governor/GM Economics, Financial Markets and Banking.