Rakesh Bhasin Appointed as Non-Executive Director at IG Group

IG Group Holdings Inc, revealed the appointment of new board member in its latest announcement. As per statement released by the firm, it has onboarded Mr. Rakesh Bhasin to serve as Non Executive Director of its Board with appointment effective immediately. Aside from his role as a member of board of director, he also becomes a member of the firm’s environmental, social and governance committee. The incoming board member is a veteran with decades of experience on technology vertical across wide range of markets. Aside from his current role with IG Group, he also serves as Non-Executive Director across wide range of companies. Most recently, he served as Chairman of CMC Networks –a wholly owned subsidiary of Africa based Carlyle Group.

Prior to that, he was CEO and member of board at Colt, a telecom technology specialist for nine years. During his term with the firm, he helped in restructuring the business which in-turn allowed the firm to see increased profitability while eliminating regional silos. He also worked on launching new services and expansion of the firm’s global footprint and created customer centric operating model which helps the firm successfully thrive in market till date. Earlier in his career, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer at KVH, an integrated data centre and communications services business based out of its Tokyo office and was in charge of its operations across Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore. Some of his other notable roles include – President of AT&T Inc – Japan & Senior Managing Director at Japan Telecom Co Ltd.

Commenting on his new role at the firm, Rakesh said “IG Group is an award winning multi-platform trading company with strong technology assets and an exciting growth strategy. I’m looking forward to working with the Board and the management team to realise further the potential of the business”.

IG Group
Mr. Mike McTighe, Chairman at IG Group

Speaking about Rakesh’s addition to the board, Chairman Mike McTighe said “Following an extensive, externally facilitated search I am delighted to welcome Rakesh to the Board. He is a highly experienced Non-Executive Director with significant experience in the Asia Pacific region. Rakesh will complement the range of skills of our existing Board members”.