QuantHouse Adds SpiderRock’s Implied Volatility Data into qh Ecosystem

SpiderRockQuantHouse has welcomed SpiderRock Gateway Technologies’ proprietary data and analytics service, which includes implied volatility and options prints to more than 150 data sources, available through QuantHouse’s API.

The global provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions, recently acquired by IRESS, decodes and normalizes market data from 150+ global sources, simplifying workflow across regions and asset classes by providing a single API for every upstream source while keeping exchange-specific fields to a minimum.

By adding its implied volatility data for US derivatives to QuantHouse’s market data offering allows qh clients to access SpiderRock’s Data & Analytics through the same API they already use for exchange data. The option analytics as a service vendor delivers data in a normalized binary format, including implied volatility, greeks, risk slides, and volatility surfaces across US-listed equity
and futures derivatives in a real-time feed that allows institutional clients to develop and enhance trading and risk management systems.

With the partnership, QuantHouse clients are provided with a single unified format for market data and value-added content while sharply reducing time-to-market for clients integrating SpiderRock’s Data & Analytics feed.

Salloum AbouSaleh, Managing Director – Americas, QuantHouse, said: “In today’s capital markets, successful trading requires a clear picture of risk at all times. We are committed to providing
cutting-edge value-added services to our clients and believe that reliable, accurate analytics is a necessary complement to outright market data. We are delighted to expand QuantHouse’s coverage and simplify access to SpiderRock Data & Analytics for our global quant community.”

Craig Iseli, Chief Operating Officer, SpiderRock Holdings, added: “We chose QuantHouse to distribute our analytics to streamline the process of allowing mutual clients to access our real-time Data & Analytics. Providing access via the QuantHouse API can significantly reduce complexity and cost for institutions seeking to outsource the process of developing option analytics.”

In June 2019, IRESS announced the acquisition of QuantHouse in a deal that brings EUR 38.9 million (AUD 72.5 million) to the table as the API-based market data firm has grown much in value since its founding in 2005. The acquisition allows Iress to provide clients with real-time access to additional services, including international exchanges, with global MSCI coverage increasing from 52% to 75%. It will also meet client demand for increased channels for data beyond desktops.