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NetDania Launches Crypto Feed for its Users and Further Prepares for the Launch of Crypto Mobile App

netdaniaStock and FX data provider, NetDania has deployed cryptocurrency market data feed and the company is streaming live data from 65 cryptocurrency exchanges with over 12,000 instruments available. The price of the cryptocurrency is delivered via most common APIs. The firm is also delivering a steady stream of real-time news feed from the cryptocurrency and blockchain scene. 

NetDania is improving its presence in the cryptocurrency space and over the past 12 months, it has also committed to developing a new mobile-based app catering to the needs of crypto traders. The company has already demonstrated a strong presence in the mobile offering in FX and CFDs space.

NetDania has a team with multi-decade experience helping to deliver critical insights to brokers and traders. The streaming crypto data feed provided to customers includes a number of metrics helping with all the trades. It displays tradable rates, market depth, a special composite feed with rates from the main crypto exchanges, arbitraging options, historical data, market cap, volumes and other, ensuring end-users can aggregate a lot of data into a single front-end.

While speaking to Finance Magnates, group CEO and co-founder of NetDania, Stig Brylle said:

“We will in the years ahead see global tokenization of all types of assets. In parallel to obtaining capital via traditional sources like banks and exchanges, companies, start-ups, real-estate, and private individuals will go directly to the market to meet investors and to obtain capital.”

As per Brylle, the word tokens is much hyped and is just in the starting phase and for cryptocurrencies, the time ahead is very challenging. 

“The truth is that a properly implemented and regulated use of the new technologies will provide the trust and transparency that the world is strongly missing today. Ultimately, since the blockchain technology basically offers what 99% of the world’s population wants, it is going to happen. I do for example believe that every citizen in this world in the future will receive a wallet the day he or she is born,” Brylle explains.

NetDania CEO is also predicting that in future, the wallet will be issued by the country’s central banks. He adds:

“When we at NetDania build a crypto feed, it’s because we embrace the technology and a tokenized future. Cryptocurrencies are still in their early stages, the first hype is over, and it’s now time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

In the next few months, NetDania will witness the official release of NetDania’s crypto mobile app with crypto tokens, blockchain news, portfolio insights, and crypto trading. The company’s futures releases are oriented towards bringing the old world and new tokenized world together.