Fullerton Markets accepts Bitcoin and RoboForex adds altcoins to MetaTrader

Fullerton Markets accepts Bitcoin for client deposits
Auckland-based broker Fullerton Markets, one of Asia’s fastest-growing brokers while not offering its services to New Zealand residents, announced the acceptance of Bitcoin as a new funding method for client deposits.
Mario Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Fullerton Markets
Mario Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Fullerton Markets

The company’s CEO Mario Singh is optimistic about Bitcoin despite current market conditions and that Bitcoin funding will see a huge uptick at Fullerton Markets. The cryptocurrency is hugely volatile, having lost almost half of its value this last week, but is still a popular funding currency in countries where it is difficult to move hard currency around, such as China.

Mario Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Fullerton Markets, said: “We have had loads of requests over the last couple of months to integrate a payment processor which accepts Bitcoin. Interestingly enough, the requests have not dropped despite Bitcoin falling over 50% in the last one month alone.
“Firstly, the deposit process is instant with no delays compared to a normal wire transfer. Next, all transactions are universally verified by blockchain technology with no handling of sensitive personal information. This adds to the security of the payment and the protection of personal data. We don’t charge deposit fees as well – the only fee clients pay is the mining fee which goes directly to the Miners.
“I’m really pleased that the team worked hard to integrate Bitcoin funding to add to our other payment options. To get this up before the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations all over Asia is a bonus.”, Singh added.
RoboForexRoboForex expands list of cryptocurrencies on Metatrader
Retail forex broker RoboForex announced the expansion of cryptocurrencies available for trading via MT4 and MT5 platforms, adding Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, and Ripple to the already traded Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The new instruments, BCH/USD, DSH/USD, LTC/USD, and XRP/USD, will have the same trading conditions as BTC/USD and ETH/USD pairs. The leverage applicable for the instruments is fixed at 1:10.
Denis Golomedov, CMO at RoboForex, said: “We always keep up with the time and provide quality access to a wide range of trading instruments. The current situation is that a large part of our clients are trading cryptocurrencies and we see high potential in them. This market is very attractive due to its volatility. It is growing and scaling very quickly, and more and more people are taking interest in it. To satisfy this demand, corresponding infrastructure and services are required, and RoboForex is systematically, step by step, implementing them for its clients.”