FlexTrade Announces Integration of Kensho Event Feed

FlexTradeFlexTrade, the leading multi-asset execution and order management systems provider, announced the integration of Kensho Technologies pre-trade analytics solution into the FlexTRADER EMS.


A powerful tool to assist traders in proving Best Execution under MiFID II, the Kensho event feed is able to capture events from reputable news outlets to surface company-specific key developments, such as product launches, mergers, and acquisitions or corporate announcements. A number of categories are included: regulatory events, partnerships, investments and corporate actions.


Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade UK, said: “This integration with Kensho brings a unique level of ‘market context’ to the FlexTRADER blotter. By including Kensho data in pre-trade and real-time analysis, we ensure that traders will receive a more meaningful picture of performance. This integration brings historical comparative analysis into the real world by comparing like-for-like days rather than just the order characteristics.”


Additionally, Kensho features a Smart Connection, an AI-based algorithm that connects key developments between tickers. It is able to surface second-order relationships and cases when a key development in another company’s news feed will likely impact the company the trader is analyzing.


Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade UK
Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade UK

Daniel Nadler, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Kensho, commented: “Kensho’s partnership with FlexTrade continues our mission to deliver actionable intelligence to our users. This is achieved through an ever-expanding knowledge graph of the world that leverages artificial intelligence to power the insight gained from a complete picture of the events that impact companies.”


The integration of Kensho improves FlexTrade’s offering as it further assists a trader’s decision-making process when executing a trade. The company allows traders to select Kensho within the FlexTRADER blotter, from a list of pre-trade options to open a timeline of recent and relevant events from which they can then select to learn more. The evolving timeline of precedents created by Kensho enables traders to analyze the impact of similar historical events to gain an understanding of how the market may react.


Earlier this year, FlexTrade announced the integration of BestX trade analytics solution for FX, where users are able to analyze their FX executions in real-time, with its FlexTRADER EMS.


FlexTrade has recently appointed Bruce Wolf as Head of FX Business Development, Vishal Pandya as Chief Operating Officer, Matthew York as Product Owner, Fixed Income, and Aaron Levine as Vice President of OEMS Solutions.


FlexTrade has consolidated and added new clients, such as Quantopian for its FlexOne OMS, Dalton Street Capital for Global Cross Asset Trading, and CMC Markets for wider dissemination of its proprietary CFD liquidity.