Twitter’s EarlyBird Service for Financial Industry Available on Mobile

Market EarlyBird’s CEO, Danny Watkins
Market EarlyBird’s CEO, Danny Watkins

Market EarlyBird has announced the availability of a native mobile client for EarlyBird, a read-only and anonymized Twitter service. Its tweet search and filtering capabilities enable users to find even the most obscure financial tweets.

EarlyBird is being piloted at almost half the world’s top 20 banks as well as in several buy-side firms. Traders, researchers and portfolio managers can use the service for a number of activities, such as identifying trading opportunities, protecting financial assets and analyzing causality for market moves ahead and after news.
Mostly used on trading floor screens either as a Symphony integrated partner app or simply in a web browser, the service is able to uncover breaking news across equities, FX and global macro events, with its AI-assisted intelligent financial searches.
The service is MiFID II compliant as it records, logs and timestamps tweets as they are displayed. Recent compliance issues that have held Twitter back in finance have at last been solved by completely blocking all tweeting and messaging.
Danny Watkins, Chief Executive Officer of Market EarlyBird, commented:
“More than 90% of our users run EarlyBird on their desktop, however, a recent industry survey has shown increasing numbers of traders are using their smartphones to conduct foreign exchange deals and we have also seen a significant demand from our customers, particularly some of the buy-side firms, for a mobile client. So now users have access to their favorite features on EarlyBird such as extensive search, filtering and alerting capabilities – wherever they are and with no compromise to any of the extensive compliance and privacy features.”
The mobile app offers the same features of the original desktop dashboard, including user-tuneable Tweet curation tools, alerts for priority Tweets, and Tweet monitoring for compliance. The synchronization between mobile and desktop is also possible. The mobile version of EarlyBird provides its user-configurable search and curation tools on Android and iOS devices.