JFD Brokers Introduces Brand-New Digital Asset Management Solution

Lars Gottwik, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of JFD Brokers
Lars Gottwik, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of JFD Brokers

The CySEC regulates retail Fx and CFDs broker, JFD Broker has announced the launch of a brand-new digital asset management solution which will help it to bridge the gap between self-trading and passive investment lines. 

It will allow retail investor class to get exclusive access to a marketplace of pre-selected top performing strategies with a proven track record verified by its portfolio management division. This is also the first time, the clients of the broker will have the possibility to compose portfolios of strategies that can be automatically executed through a custom mirror trading platform called JFD invest.

Pre-registered users of JFD Invest will have to create a special account that will be connected to their live trading account with JFD Brokers. Later on, the clients will able to use the company’s mirror trading platform to have their own portfolios of investment strategies trading multiple asset class. The orders will be executed in bulk via a single coverage account to ensure investors following the particular strategy get the same performance and trading conditions. JFD Brokers will charge its mirror trading clients only a 25 per cent higher watermark performance which means no management costs for the clients of the firm.

Lars Gottwik, Partner and Chief Executive Officer of JFD Brokers, commented:

“We consider JFD Invest a major milestone in the strategic development of our company as it established a new product line for us. We believe that investing products with all their complexity can be delivered in a simplified way under transparent conditions.”

JFD Broker“Taking full advantage of the latest innovations in our industry, we developed our mirror trading platform as a digital marketplace where our clients can review and follow expert-driven strategies for a fully-automated trading.”

“With JFD Invest, we are opening the gates for more people (including the less sophisticated traders) to institutional-grade asset management, previously available only to a limited number of high-net-worth individuals.”