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Gold-i Partners With FXCH to Provide Fully Cleared Solution for Cryptocurrency Liquidity

November 7, 2018

Gold-iGold-i has launched Crypto Switch 2.0 to help brokers worldwide access multiple cryptocurrency market makers and their liquidity in the form of CFDs or physical assets.

Gold-i, a world leader in the development of intelligent plugins, multi-asset liquidity management platform and risk management tools for Brokers, has reviewed its cryptocurrency liquidity tool for brokers.

The newly launched Crypto Switch 2.0 provides brokers with a fully cleared cryptocurrency product and a cost-effective, efficient means of accessing deep pools of digital currency liquidity from market makers.

Liquidity comes fully cleared thanks to a partnership with clearing house, FXCH. Brokers can fully hedge their crypto flow using Crypto Switch 2.0 and count with liquidity from four of the biggest global cryptocurrency market makers, B2C2, Bluefire Capital, DV Chain and Hehmeyer.

The prior version already enabled brokers using Gold-i’s Matrix, MT4 Bridge or MT5 Gateway to access leading global Crypto Exchanges and Liquidity Providers for pricing and trading.

As the 2.0 version provides a fully cleared solution, brokers only need to place funds with a single entity, transforming the opportunity for them to offer aggregated cryptocurrency liquidity to their clients and enabling them to fully hedge their risk.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i
Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i

Tom Higgins, Chief Executive Officer at Gold-i, commented:

“FXCH is a cryptocurrency clearing house – it acts like a Prime Broker does in the FX world. Using Crypto Switch TM 2.0, brokers can deposit funds with FXCH who becomes their counterparty and gives up the trades like a PB, managing the risk for brokers and minimizing exposure with each of the cryptocurrency market makers. With Crypto Switch TM 2.0 we have created a model for brokers to have access to both physical and CFD cryptocurrencies which can be aggregated and cleared – a model which benefits the whole Gold-i Matrix NETwork. It opens up previously inaccessible revenue streams for “Crypto Prime Brokers” who can redistribute cryptocurrency liquidity as their own. Market makers benefit by getting flow into their business for their crypto trading and the exchanges get the trading from their market makers. It’s a scalable model on a global basis and no one else in the MetaTrader world is doing this.”
Significant commercial opportunities for brokers, Liquidity Providers and Prime of Prime Brokers worldwide arise from the new tool developed by Gold-i.

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