Credit Agricole Announces Series of Major Changes to Its C-level Leadership Team

Credit AgricoleCredit Agricole S.A. a France headquartered multinational banking service provider has announced a series of major changes to its senior-level leadership team this month. Most of these changes are primarily promotion/scuffling up of senior-level leadership team from the parent firm and its various subsidiaries. These moves were announced in various press release statements during the course of this month with a total of five executives being promoted.

As a part of these changes, the first announcement was made on 10th December when the bank mentioned that it has promoted Ms. Stephane Priami to serve as Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Head of specialized Financial Services for Credit Agricole SA and General Manager for Credit Agricole consumer finance.

Priami’s promotion comes as a result of being chosen as a successor for Mr. Philippe Dumont who was promoted to the role of Deputy General Manager & Head of Insurance for Credit Agricole S.A. on 6th November 2019. 

Meanwhile, Ms. Priami’s current role of Group Head of Compliance and member of Executive Committee for Credit Agricole S.A. is set to be succeeded by Ms. Martine Boutinet is currently serving as Head of Compliance at Credit Agricole CIB and has held the role since July 2019.

Prior to her promotion in July earlier this year, she served in the capacity of head of human resources at Credit Agricole CIB for five years and three months. However, she has been with the group for nearly sixteen years and has held various high level managerial and leadership roles. The promotion of both Ms. Priami & Ms. Boutinet is set to come into effect from 1st January 2020 and both are expected to be reporting directly to Mr. Philippe Brassac – current Chief Executive Officer of Credit Agricole S.A.

The most recent announcement revealed the promotion of Mr. Jean-Paul Mazoyer and Mr. Serge Magdeleine with one executive moving into the parent firm while other moves on to become head of a subsidiary. Serge Magdeleine who is currently serving in multiple roles – Group Digital Experience Director, Head of Credit Agricole Technologies & Services and Director of Digital Transformation and IT has been promoted to serve as head of one of Credit Agricole’s subsidiary.

 Effective from mid-Q2 2020, Serge will serve as Chief Executive Officer of Credit Agricole Alpes Provence Regional Bank making it his sixth promotion since starting his term with the group in 2001. On the same day when Serge takes on his new role, Mr. Jean Paul Mazoyer- current Chief Executive Officer of Credit Agricole Pyrenees Gascogne Regional Bank will take on his new role as Deputy CEO of Credit Agricole S.A. while also succeeding Serge as the person responsible for leading the group’s digital transformation and IT department.

Mr. Mazoyer has been with the group for twenty-two years now having started his term with the group as Director of Marketing and Communications at Caisse Nationale De Credit Agricole for Ile De France in 1998. While four major veterans inside the bank see relocation, the bank has also announced its plans for merging its joint venture with Santander Securities Services to create a major global player in the asset management industry.

The joint venture will be one of the leading players covering both Europe and Latin American markets, especially – Brazil, Mexico and Colombia with total assets under custody valued at 3.9 Trillion Euros and 2.1 Trillion worth assets under administration as per the data taken on 30.09.2019.