helps’s Ukraine staff cross the border to safety

“Remarkably selfless efforts from Octavian Pătrașcu and his guys meant safe landings for our evacuees.”

The FX industry has been operating in fierce competition for years as brokers fight tooth and nail to onboard and retain every last user there is by always being on top of the game as to customer service, product offering, new features, and more.

However, humanity always comes first and that was very much on display this week as the Ukraine-based staff of sought to leave the war-torn country in coordination with the broker’s top executives, including chief executive Jon Squires and Chief of Staff Joe Rundle.

Once the Russian invasion started on 24 February 2022, CEO Jon Squires addressed the Ukraine team on LinkedIn as normal communications were failing.

“For those team members in #ukraine not replying on our normal channels, please reach out to Joe Rundle, Yehor Lastenko, Vitaliy Kedyk and myself immediately. We’re on all messengers.

“We’re here 24/7 and we’ve organized everything for you and your families. No-one is too junior or too new to ask for help. We’ll get you somewhere safe.

“We are and will continue to be 100% with you.”

Octavian Pătrașcu, Founder and CEO of, later announced his availability as his team had already helped two groups of people from Kiev crossing the border. According to him, they sent transportation and arranged accommodation.

“In regards to the Ukrainian situation, I want to inform you that I am living in Romania, and whoever needs our help, in terms of transportation/accommodation, guidance, and so on, I and my colleagues are willing to help the Ukrainian people trying to come to our country.”

A few days passed and the operation seems to have been a success.’s executives reached out to’s Octavian Pătrașcu “in the middle of the night whilst on holiday” and were able to get their staff to safety.

“In such a difficult week, the team have worked around the clock to help people stranded in this awful situation. I would like particularly to thank Octavian Pătrașcu from for picking up the phone to me in the middle of the night whilst on holiday and helping us assist people as they cross into Romania. Without his help, we would not have ten members of the team and family members joining us in Cyprus tomorrow”, said chief of staff Joe Rundle.

Octavian Pătrașcu replied to Joe Rundle’s words: “Thank you Joe for the amazing post. It is important to remember that in times like this we need to help each other, especially those who need it the most.

“Also, on a different note, even though we activate in the same domain it s good that we had the ability to work together and we finished this good project and the people are safe.” CEO Jon Squires also went to LinkedIn to praise’s hard work: “Remarkably selfless efforts from Octavian Pătrașcu and his guys meant safe landings for our evacuees. There aren’t enough good words for people who step in to help when you can’t be there yourself. The and teams will be forever grateful.”