b-next Unveils Blockchain-based Compliance Solutions

Wolfgang Fabisch, Chief Executive Officer at b-next
Wolfgang Fabisch, Chief Executive Officer at b-next

Capital markets compliance solutions provider b-next is presenting its most recent developments in blockchain surveillance, in collaboration with blockchain credit rating firm Whitestream.

The blockchain surveillance service aims at tackling crypto-currency fraud and monitoring market abuse on the blockchain. The system generates alerts on trading frequencies, holding periods and watchlist/restricted lists. Additionally, a rating engine helps market participants to identify the most reliable entities on the blockchain.
The partnership is developing a unique algorithm that is capable of analyzing traffic to map the bitcoin network and find blockchain “safe” areas, protecting participants from market abuse.
Wolfgang Fabisch, Chief Executive Officer at b-next, commented,  A lack of regulation or standards leaves the blockchain exposed to fraud. Our blockchain surveillance includes a blockchain rating engine and analysis capabilities which will help protect participants from market abuse.”

b-next has also partnered with Catelas, a relationship forensics and behavioral content business, with whom is developing a comprehensive, holistic trade surveillance solution that blends relationship analytics and behavioral science to present compliance officers with an unprecedented view into how business is conducted.

Compliance officers will be better suited to identify high-level risks quickly with the integrated solution that allows them to visualize communications, information barriers, control rooms, watch list networks, and chat rooms, automatically.
“Our AI and behavioral analytics capabilities have also been strengthened through our partnerships with Catelas and Whitestream, enabling b-next to offer a truly holistic surveillance solution”, Fabisch added.
The Germany-based company is a leading provider of capital markets solutions for more than 25 years. With offices in Europe and the United States, their proprietary development team and client-centric approach, have driven its international expansion client base.
Its single integrated compliance platform, CMC:Suite provides over 100 different scenarios for the detection of Market Abuse, Insider Trading, Conflicts of Interest, FX Benchmarking, Derivatives/OTC Monitoring, Best Execution Monitoring and Reporting of Trading Activity.

The platform supports a diverse range of global clients including banks, brokers, asset managers, exchanges, regulators, funds and energy utilities.