AxiTrader Expands its Operation in Middle-East with Launch of New Dubai Office

Rajesh Yohannan, Chief Executive Officer at AxiTrader
Rajesh Yohannan, Chief Executive Officer at AxiTrader

Australia based investment trader and retail Fx broker, AxiTrader has announced the opening of its new office in Dubai. AxiTrader has secured the license from Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) to operate in the country. This will also help it to establish its position in the growing Middle-East region. 

The Dubai office of AxiTrader is fully staffed by local team members with international mix of technical experts and experienced professionals. The office will be based in the Dubai International Financial Centre. The opening up of a new office in Dubai indicates the company’s willingness to continue investing in local offices of key developing markets.

Rajesh Yohannan, Chief Executive Officer at AxiTrader commented on the opening of new office in Dubai said: 

“This isn’t just some satellite office to make the company look good on paper. The idea behind investing in the new space was to ensure we have a very real and ongoing presence in the region—one that’s regulated and fully staffed. One of the really compelling things about trading these days is that you can do it online from anywhere, but there’s still something special about having a place where you can showcase the best of what you do and customers can actually come and get a feel for what you’re about.”

Dubai Financial Services The Dubai office of the firm will cater clients in both Arabic and English. According to Yohannan, the firm will initially host a series of free trading workshops, followed by in-house seminars and trading education events that will aim at building client-relationship and also help clients to become more successful traders.

Yohannan concluded: “We’re very confident that we’ve got the right mix of products, competitive prices, new technology and award-winning service to be the first choice for any trader.”