Zengo Wallet Adds Transak for Enhanced Services

Transak has partnered with Zengo Wallet, bringing easy fiat-to-crypto transactions to the secure, self-custodial wallet without seed phrase risks. This collaboration enhances crypto purchasing and storage.

Transak’s integration into Zengo Wallet simplifies buying cryptocurrencies, leveraging Transak’s efficient KYC system for quick and secure transactions. Users benefit from immediate crypto purchases and secure storage, avoiding seed phrase vulnerabilities.

Transak has designed its Multi-Level KYC system to enhance the user experience by simplifying the entry process for new users. This system spans a variety of verification levels, from a quick Lite KYC that allows users to start in under 30 seconds to an Enhanced KYC for transactions up to $75,000, optimizing the process for users of all needs.

The partnership introduces Transak’s adaptable KYC system, speeding up user onboarding with options from quick checks to thorough verification for larger transactions. This synergy aims to redefine user access and security in cryptocurrency transactions.

“At Transak, we believe everyone should be able to access cryptocurrencies. While ease of access is crucial, security is undeniably important in an ownership-based financial landscape. Our partnership with Zengo is a great inflection point of secure and easy crypto access for the masses,” said Yeshu Agarwal, CTO of Transak.

With Transak’s proven reliability and a diverse payment method array, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, the integration caters to a global audience. Transak’s infrastructure supports user onboarding across over 150 countries, simplifying the transition to Web3 with minimal effort.

Zengo’s innovative approach to wallet security, utilizing MPC cryptography, ensures users’ assets are safe without traditional seed phrase risks. Zengo also offers unique features like Legacy Transfer and Theft Protection, enhancing user security and convenience.

“Integrating Transak into Zengo was a natural progression for us, as both companies share a common vision of making cryptocurrencies more accessible. While Transak excels in providing an efficient acquisition experience, Zengo complements this by focusing on seamless storage and usage. This integration is a perfect alignment of our complementary strengths, aiming to offer our users a holistic crypto journey,” said Ouriel Ohayon, CEO of Zengo.

This partnership between Transak and Zengo represents a significant advancement in making cryptocurrency transactions more accessible and secure for users worldwide, backed by strong customer satisfaction ratings and a growing global user base.

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