Your Bourse & FPFX Tech Unveil a Collaboration

FPFX Tech & Your Bourse collaborate to bring direct market access, institutional liquidity providers, and the most popular trading platforms to prop trading firms.

FPFX Tech Prop Trading Tech Kit is built-to-specification, end-to-end automation that supports the operation and administration of proprietary trading/funded account firms. It eliminates headcount and allows brokers to scale their business. 

Your Bourse, in turn, equips brokers with a state-of-the-art Matching Engine, which is pricing and matching technology that allows brokers to effectively manage their order flow, pricing, and hedging strategies across different customer groups.

Connecting all these cutting-edge technologies by integrating FPFX Tech’s solutions and Your Bourse’s platform ensures a full-fledged start for Prop Trading firms to launch high-powered trading operations.

FPFX’s Prop Trading Kit includes:

  • Custom prop trading plans
  • Automated account creation & monitoring
  • Risk monitoring
  • Auto liquidations
  • Trading contests and more.

Justin Hertzberg PhotoJustin Hertzberg, CEO at FPFX Technologies, highlighted: “As the prop industry continues to evolve, so do the liquidity needs of prop firms.  We regularly see over $3 Trillion in monthly volume being traded through our technology.  With rising competition among prop operators, the future of prop firm profitability resides in sophisticated order routing and hedging solutions. The partnership between FPFX Tech and Your Bourse is a natural fit, combining FPFX Tech’s end-to-end automation and dynamic hedging strategies with Your Bourse’s best in class order flow management, smart order routing, and flexible auto-hedging.  We look forward to working alongside Your Bourse to deliver more value to our prop firm clients.”

To provide a comprehensive all-in-one technological package for Prop Trading brokers, Your Bours offers solutions that include:

  • Order flow management
  • Contest stop-out functionality
  • Smart order routing
  • Flexible auto-hedging
  • Reporting, risk management & data analysis

This powerful combination ensures an efficient and seamless start-up experience, offering comprehensive tools for powerful trading activity.

Elina Pedersen Photo“Our collaboration with FPFX Tech will bring to the market a comprehensive bundle that addresses all the technological challenges involved in starting and running a successful Prop Trading company. Our core solution, the Matching Engine, allows brokers to effectively manage their order flow, pricing, and hedging strategies across different customer segments and trading platforms. All settings are configured via API or a user-friendly web-based portal, while all changes and rules are applied in real-time.

At Your Bourse, we understand the complexity of the systems and risk management needed for Prop Trading brokers to start operating effectively, and we are pleased to provide it as a technological suite.” said Elina Pedersen, Co-Founder & CRO of Your Bourse.

FPFX’s software solution includes the ability to develop custom prop trading plans, automated account creation, account monitoring, risk monitoring, rules monitoring, auto liquidations and notifications, email notifications, discount codes, live streaming, certificates, trading contests, affiliate portals, leaderboards and a custom trader dashboard and admin CRM portal with real-time updating, among other features, functions, and customizations, including presentation in multiple languages. 

FPFX can integrate its solution with virtually any website, payment provider, broker, platform (including MT4, MT5, DXtrade, cTrader, and MatchTrade), and email hosting to fully automate your prop firm. 

Their technology is currently used by over 140 prop firms and over 1.8 million traders.

In the dynamic field of proprietary trading, the alliance between FPFX Tech and Your Bourse marks a significant step towards innovation, equipping Prop Trading firms with a robust suite of tools tailored for efficiency and profitability. This collaboration embodies a fusion of FPFX Tech’s bespoke solutions and Your Bourse’s state of art trade execution  technology, setting a new standard for trading operations.

This partnership not only advances technological frontiers but also reflects a commitment to providing scalable, adaptable, and user-friendly solutions. 

Looking ahead, the combined expertise of FPFX Tech and Your Bourse signals a transformative stage for proprietary trading, emp hasizing the crucial role of technology in securing a competitive advantage. For prop firms aiming at market leadership, leveraging this collaboration becomes indispensable.

About FPFX Tech 

FPFX Tech offers traders the ability to launch a prop firm with the industry’s leading tech solution complete with full risk management services.

About Your Bourse

Your Bourse provides a comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service solution for FX, CFD, and crypto liquidity management, data analytics, reporting, and risk management.