Xch4nge — A New P2P Platform for Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

The emergence of digital currency and its underlying blockchain technology has taken the world by surprise. Since the introduction of the world’s first digital currency, Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it has proved its utility in payments and transfers which is far superior compared to the traditional methods.

With currently over 2000 cryptocurrencies being traded all around the world and increased adoption of digital currencies among masses, the sector has gone through a massive transformation in terms of offerings in a very short span of time. To meet up the increased demand of buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies, many digital asset exchange platform has emerged across the globe.

But, with all good things, there are certain vulnerabilities which the bad actors try to take advantage of. In the year 2018, we have seen many cryptocurrency exchanges being hacked, stealing millions of investor funds with no sight of recovery. Further, due to the lack of experience in handling exchange activities and technical know-how, exchange tends to fail or have a complicated interface, higher exchange charges, and porous security. 

Xch4ngeThese issues tend to scare away many newbies in the market, but one new crypto exchange, Xch4nge with advanced and sophisticated features has launched, which will address all the teething issues that exchanges all over the world encounter, and will provide a smooth and exciting trading experience. Further, users of Xch4nge enjoy greater flexibility with their holdings and always have the full control of their portfolio.

Trading Platform

Speaking about Xch4nge trading platform, the platform is designed to give traders a conducive and safe environment that will help in profitable trading activities. The platform design ensures newbies don’t lose fund due to complexity and leak in security, which happens with most of the current exchanges. 

The p2p platform helps to trade cryptocurrencies in a simple and secure way, connecting verified buyers and sellers to execute the trade. The users are verified by a leading UK credit agency to perform KYC verification. 


The exchange has given top priority to the security function, and one of the most unique features with this exchange is, it doesn’t hold any of the user’s fund in its central account, but rather all users on the exchange hold their funds to be traded in their respective wallet. So, even if there is a security breach, there will be no funds to steal. 

Higher Profits

The exchange’s simple design offers great comfort and convenience while using the platform which helps users to focus on trades which translates in a higher level of profits and limited downside risk. 

Low Trading Fee

Xch4nge charges a reasonable trading fee from its users and doesn’t have to pay extra to facilitate their transactions as a result of huge backlogs. The exchange has already made all the system arrangements to help solve every issue that might arise from the huge trading volume at any given point of time. Because of this reason, Xch4nge doesn’t charge extra fees from users to prioritize transactions as it will have a subsequent effect on all following transactions creating huge trading backlogs.


The Xch4nge is a unique and disruptive crypto platform that will help to revolutionize the crypto trading space thus ushering the crypto ecosystem. Its p2p trading system helping users to have full control of their crypto holdings all time in their respective wallets, that greatly reduces risk associated with trading cryptocurrencies. Plus, it’s simple, and the user-friendly interface helps all class of traders whether they are a newbie or experienced and can focus on making their trades profitable.