X Open Hub Dominates at iFX EXPO LATAM 2024: Spearheading Liquidity Solutions in the Latin American Market

X Open Hub, a frontrunner in the provision of cutting-edge liquidity solutions, took a leading role at the iFX EXPO LATAM 2024, hosted for the first time in Latin America in Mexico City from April 9-11, 2024.

This event marked a significant milestone for the company as it showcased its expansive range of top-tier services designed specifically for brokers and banks, capturing the spotlight at this pioneering financial expo.

The company’s presence was strongly felt throughout the expo, with key executives including CEO Michał Copiuk and Broker Solution Specialist Łukasz Mazurek stationed at Booth 21. They were among the elite from the global fintech industry gathered to discuss innovations and strategies for expanding into the dynamic LATAM market.


The iFX EXPO, held at the prestigious World Trade Center in Mexico City, offered X Open Hub an unparalleled platform to demonstrate its industry-leading solutions and to engage in meaningful discussions with peers about advancing further into the emerging LATAM market.

Event Highlights for X Open Hub at iFX EXPO LATAM 2024

The expo served as a central hub for knowledge exchange, providing a fertile ground for brainstorming and collaboration among attendees. X Open Hub leveraged this gathering to engage in productive face-to-face business meetings, which are essential for developing and deepening business relationships within the financial sector.

Furthermore, X Open Hub representatives participated in a series of panel discussions and seminars that addressed a wide range of relevant topics. Sessions such as ‘Tech Trends 2024: Innovation Beyond Borders’ and ‘Global Impact, Local Strategies: Liquidity in the Region’ were instrumental in enhancing their understanding of the industry and reinforcing their position as a premier provider of liquidity solutions.

Building New Relationships and Exploring Exciting Opportunities

Major expos like iFX EXPO LATAM are crucial for networking with existing business associates and forging new connections. X Open Hub capitalized on this opportunity by showcasing a suite of new products and services that include competitive spreads, extensive order books, and tailor-made liquidity solutions designed to meet the unique needs of clients.

The X Open Hub team also engaged with some of the industry’s top competitors, maintaining robust relationships through discussions about various industry-related topics. These interactions helped share insights and gather feedback on the sector’s future trends and challenges.

Capitalizing on Presence at the iFX EXPO LATAM 2024

Reflecting on the success at the expo, X Open Hub CEO Michał Copiuk shared his enthusiasm and pride regarding the company’s impactful participation. “We’re extremely proud of our participation at iFX EXPO LATAM 2024, which was a significant milestone for X Open Hub in showcasing our liquidity solutions and financial strategies,” he stated.


“The expo was an invaluable platform for us to engage with industry leaders, share our expertise, and explore new partnerships. It was gratifying to receive such positive feedback from our industry peers, which underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the financial sector. This experience has only strengthened our resolve to continue enhancing our offerings and delivering exceptional value to our clients as we explore exciting futures in the LATAM region and beyond.”

Anticipating Future Expositions

As 2024 progresses, X Open Hub is preparing for its next major appearance on the global stage at the Finance Magnates African Summit 2024 (FMAS:24), scheduled to occur from May 20-22 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Sandton, South Africa. This expo is one of the continent’s largest financial events this year, offering another significant opportunity for X Open Hub to display its industry leadership.

Subsequently, the team will travel to Cyprus for the iFX EXPO International 2024, set for June 18-20 at the City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort in Limassol. Here, X Open Hub will again exhibit its innovative solutions to thousands of C-level executives and hundreds of fintech innovators and affiliates from around the globe.

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