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World Investor Week Encourages Investors to Take the Plunge

FMA LogoThe Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has launched a new campaign for World Investor Week to help New Zealanders become more confident investors by addressing some of the uncertainties around investing. World Investor Week is run by financial markets regulators around the world to encourage people to get involved in investing.

The FMA campaign involves a new animation featuring a swimming pool to show some of the common fears around investing. It’s designed to help New Zealanders gain the confidence to dip their toes in the water.

Simone Robbers, FMA Acting Director of External Communications and Investor Capability said: “2.7 million New Zealanders are already investors through KiwiSaver. This campaign encourages people to think beyond KiwiSaver, to learn the basics of investing and address any uncertainty they feel around getting started.”

The animation covers topics including:

  • Do I have enough to invest?
  • What are the risks?
  • Do I know enough to make smart decisions?

The FMA wants people to think about how they can meet their long-term goals, including accessing financial advice. The FMA is working with the CFFC, Financial Advice NZ and NZX to support World Investor Week.

The animation can be found here. Media outlets, financial advisers and any other interested parties are welcome to embed the content on their websites.