WeInvest Launches +100 Thematic Portfolios from 90,000 Funds

The Singapore-based digital wealth solutions provider has launched StratWealth to offer algorithmically-generated customized investment solutions as well as to source or curate thematic trading baskets from global players. StratWealth will feature customized stock, funds and Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) baskets and also cater to retail clients with initial investments starting from US$4000.

WeInvest designed the platform for banks, brokers and asset managers to provide them choices of over 100 investment strategies. The spectrum of thematic portfolios is constructed from a universe of 90,000 funds. By leveraging on WeInvest’s in-house investment teams’ expertise, financial institutions can create new portfolios within their selected fund universe and roll out to end-investors at a quicker rate.

Bhaskar Prabhakara, CEO and Co-founder at WeInvest
Bhaskar Prabhakara, CEO and Co-founder at WeInvest

Bhaskar Prabhakara, CEO and Founder at WeInvest,  commented: “Through our proprietary StratWealth platform, we are enabling financial institutions by providing them with a pool of expert investment ideas to choose from and hence accelerating the entire process of product development. With this, we hope that the collective financial landscape globally will benefit – with better investment strategies and a wider variety of customized portfolios to choose from. WeInvest is on a mission to provide innovative digital wealth solutions across markets. We believe the financial services industry across ASEAN is digitizing at a phenomenal pace keeping in mind the changing consumer mindset and the economic landscape of their country.”

A McKinsey report found that thematic investments deliver better long term performance than traditional investment strategies like relative investment framework because of a deeper understanding of the underlying drivers of  value creation and risk, which investors can use not just in thematic investing but also in other strategies.

WeInvest’s StratWealth leverages the expertise of the in-house investment team to offer financial institutions with a digital tool to effectively create, customize and manage investment strategies.

StratWealth includes some leading names within the industry, such as investment decision support tools provider, MSCI Inc., German financial index firm Solactive and asset management firm Schroders.

Steffen Scheuble, CEO and Founder at Solactive, commented, “As a global index provider, we see the importance of a platform like WeInvest’s StratWealth, which aggregates the entire ecosystem of investment strategies. We believe this will be a great value to the financial industry at large, as this is a good way of industry collaboration in terms of pooling ideas together.”