Webull Canada finally launches desktop platform

“The Webull Desktop platform, which has been in demand since our launch earlier this year, ties this all together.”

After a few months of only offering a mobile trading app, with much success, Webull Canada has decided to launch a desktop platform.

A desktop version allows users to have customizable multi-screens and rearrange widgets to more efficiently analyze trends and decipher market data, ultimately allowing for more informed trades. It will support Webull users at all levels, from beginners to the most experienced day traders.

“In demand since our launch earlier this year”

Michael Constantino, CEO of Webull Securities (Canada) Limited, said: “Introducing the Webull Desktop Platform was a natural progression after our mobile app launch in January. Our top priority at Webull is to provide a seamless trading experience for our users, with offerings that are innovative and cutting-edge, and are wanted by our clients. The Webull Desktop platform, which has been in demand since our launch earlier this year, ties this all together.”

Webull Canada officially launched its low-cost brokerage services in January of this year, allowing Canadian residents to trade both Canadian- and US-listed equities using the award-winning Webull app.

Authorized since November 2023, has introduced order execution-only brokerage functions, offering features such as real-time quotes, comprehensive market data, 20+ charting widgets, 60+ indicators, paper trading, and educational tools.

Last month, Webull Canada introduced a cash management solution for Canadian investors, offering 4% CDN interest or 3% USD interest on uninvested cash. The goal is to provide Canadian users with a means to earn passive income amid market volatility, at no extra charge.

Interest accrues monthly without the need for account minimums, lockups, or limitations. It is important to note that interest rates on settled net credit cash balances in Webull Securities (Canada) Limited accounts are subject to change without notice.

Webull, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and supported by private equity investors from the United States, Europe, and Asia, operates globally. It serves millions of users across over 180 countries, offering 24/7 access to financial markets and allowing for a variety of investment strategies through its platform. Webull’s services are available in multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, and now Canada.