Webull announces free Wall Street Journal subscription to its users

“Webull was founded on the principle of democratizing investing and making it more accessible and inclusive – especially for first time investors.”

Webull has announced a partnership with Dow Jones to enhance financial literacy among retail investors, namely access to The Wall Street Journal’s content, including news, analysis, and insights on personal finance management.

Traders will now find a curated selection of WSJ articles in the app’s news feed. Additionally, new and renewing Webull customers will receive a subscription to The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ is the most trusted newspaper in the US

The Wall Street Journal, often abbreviated as WSJ, is a renowned international daily newspaper known for its comprehensive coverage of business and economic news. Founded on July 8, 1889, by Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser, it has since become a cornerstone in the world of financial journalism.

The newspaper, a flagship publication of Dow Jones & Company, primarily focuses on financial and business news, offering deep insights into stock markets, economic trends, and corporate developments. It is well-regarded for its detailed reports on financial markets, international business news, and economic policy. The WSJ also includes sections dedicated to technology, politics, and opinion pieces, making it a comprehensive source for a wide range of news.

The WSJ is recognized for its in-depth analysis, rigorous reporting, and clear, concise writing style that appeals to professionals and casual readers alike. Its commitment to providing reliable and up-to-date information has made it one of the most trusted news sources in the financial world. With its global perspective, the WSJ serves a broad audience, ranging from industry professionals to individuals seeking to stay informed about the latest in business and economics.

The Wall Street Journal was found to be the most trusted newspaper among Americans. According to the News Media Trust Index released by Simmons Research in 2018, The Wall Street Journal topped the list of trusted news sources, with 57.7% of Americans trusting it. This ranking made it not only the most trusted newspaper but also the most trusted across all news sources in the study​​.

70% would invest more with enhanced financial education

Research from the World Economic Forum indicates financial literacy is a significant barrier for many potential investors. About 40% of non-investors hesitate to invest due to a lack of knowledge or confusion. Furthermore, roughly 70% stated they would invest more with enhanced financial education.

Targeting the trend of younger retail investors, this initiative seeks to bridge knowledge gaps. It aims to provide actionable and outcome-focused information, educating and guiding both new and existing users in navigating rapidly evolving markets knowledgeably and responsibly.

“Webull was founded on the principle of democratizing investing”

Anthony Denier, Webull Group President, said: “Webull was founded on the principle of democratizing investing and making it more accessible and inclusive – especially for first time investors. In this regard, we’ve already seen success, with a robust number of our active members being first-time investors. Through this partnership with Dow Jones, we want to put the power of the world’s leading financial publication straight into the hands of our customers with content that helps investors make better financial decisions with greater confidence.”

David Martin, Chief Revenue Officer for Business Intelligence at Dow Jones, commented: “Financial literacy, powered by trusted and credible journalism, leads to better decisions. We are delighted to work with Webull and look forward to putting the Journal’s high-quality and award-winning business news, information and analysis at the fingertips of millions of Webull users on its platform to help elevate their decision making process.”