Webull announces 24-hour trading in Asia Pacific

Webull partnered with Blue Ocean to offer 24-hour trading of US stocks and ETFs in APAC, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and Japan.

Webull Corporation has launched 24-hour trading for US equities and ETFs for key markets across the Asia Pacific including Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, and Singapore.

Powered by Blue Ocean, the launch of the 24-hour US stock trading will support popular individual securities and ETFs such as Tesla, Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and SPY ETFs.

Blue Ocean’s 24-hour trading goes mainstream

Blue Ocean has been successfully onboarding several brokerage firms and fintechs to its 24-hour trading capabilities, including GTN, DriveWealth, Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, Futu, and FlexTrade.

Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT) empowers global investors by making trading possible during US overnight trading hours. The company’s US broker dealer subsidiary, Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, and its trading system Blue Ocean Alternative Trading System (BOATS), currently trade US National Market System (NMS) stocks from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am ET from Sunday – Thursday.

The trading platform replicates the US day time trading experience: electronic access, dynamic and transparent price discovery (live data), the same regulatory reporting requirements, and the same clearing and settlement process.

“Navigate the US market with confidence”

Webull’s new 24-hour trading feature, trading of US stocks and ETFs will be available both during and outside of regular and extended US trading hours. Trading after hours will be within a brand-new trading session – US overnight trading.

The new feature manages the risk of price movements outside of normal US market hours, allowing traders to enjoy price certainty and guaranteed next-day settlement of their trades, regardless of when orders are executed.

Anthony Denier, Group President, Webull Corporation, said: “We’re seeing a strong and growing community of international investors, particularly from the APAC region, actively participating in the US market. However, factors like time zone differences and navigating unfamiliar regulations can create challenges. The 24-hour trading feature is part of our ongoing effort to bridge those gaps with a growing suite of tools and educational resources tailored for international investors. Our goal is to empower all investors to navigate the US market with confidence.”

Webull launched in Malaysia and Thailand

The news comes on the heels of Webull’s recent launch in Malaysia, providing access to trade Bursa Securities and Bursa Derivatives alongside US-listed stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) via the Webull Malaysia app.

Webull Malaysia now arises as a new provider for trading and investing in the jurisdiction, offering an integrated suite of real-time quotes, market information, financial news, industry data, insights, and analyst ratings to help investors make informed decisions. The trading platform also features a Shariah indicator to help investors identify the Shariah-compliance status of stocks before they engage in any transactions.

Last month, the broker secured a Capital Markets Services License for Dealing in Securities (restricted to listed securities) and Dealing in Derivatives from the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Last week, Webull became the first U.S. retail broker to launch its retail brokerage services in Thailand, authorized by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission.

In late 2023, the discount broker entered the Indonesian market. The firm is already well established in Singapore, Australia, and Japan.