Volante Technologies Promotes Harp Grewal as Chief Operating Officer

Volante TechnologiesNew Jersey-based fintech firm Volante Technologies Inc., has recently made an announcement revealing that it had made changes to its leadership team by adding two key executives. As per the statement released by the firm, it had expanded its leadership team by promoting one of its executives while hiring another executive. Volante Technologies is known popularly as a provider of technology and SaaS which aims at accelerating digital transformation and modernisation of payment systems by addressing some of the key challenges faced in various stages of payment system lifecycle: pre-processing, processing and clearing.

The firm caters to clients from across the globe having a solid client base made up of nearly 85 financial institutions and corporations from more than 35 countries. The two executives added to the leadership team are Harp Grewal and Deepak Gupta. Harp Grewal has been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer while Deepak Gupta takes on the role of Global Head of Software as s Service (SaaS). Harp Grewal, the newly appointed COO has been at the firm for quite a while and before being promoted to his current role, served in the capacity of an executive in residence and non-executive board director of the firm. 

Harp’s responsibility as Chief Operating Officer is to ensure proper management and delivery on the Company’s growth. Deepak Gupta who becomes the global head of SaaS served as Chief Architect of Oracle’s hosted business post the acquisition of Peoplesoft – an e-business software product line which was founded by Deepak. Peoplesoft provides a wide range of software application package and services such as ERP, CRM, FSCM, and HCM solutions. Along with these two executives, the firm has also hired a select group of senior-level executives who are experienced in various area of importance such as SaaS, Payments, Open Banking and ISO 20022 to serve under them and help the leadership team drive and manage the company’s growth.

Commenting on his promotion, Harp Grewal commented, “I first worked with Volante some fifteen years ago as a customer, and served as a member of the Board of Directors and advisor. I look forward to helping Volante disrupt the marketplace and emerge as the dominant provider of innovative solutions and services to the financial industry”. 

Speaking about the changes made to the leadership team, Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante Technologies commented, “The digital transformation opportunity in financial services is colossal – payments alone is a $2tn industry, with transaction volumes set to double over the next decade. As we grow rapidly and increase our market share, it is vital that we invest in our organisation to ensure we continue to deliver excellence and reliability for our clients today and into the future. Harp and Deepak bring unique qualities and experience to Volante and I am delighted to see them both join the team”.

Speaking about his new role at the firm, Deepak commented, “It is clear that financial institutions large and small are looking for agile solutions to drive their digital transformation journeys. One such innovation is the rise of payments as a service, delivered in the cloud. Providing access to a unified on-demand cloud service alleviates the challenges of onboarding and complexity, and allows customers to benefit from reduced hardware, software and related people costs so they can focus on delivering value-added services to their end clients and remain competitive. I am pleased to bring my track record in SaaS to help Volante and its customers achieve these goals”. 

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