Vince Graziani Appointed As CEO of IDEX Biometrics

Karthik Subramanian

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IDEX Biometrics

Vince Graziani Appointed As CEO of IDEX Biometrics

March 4, 2020

IDEX Biometrics - Vince GrazianiIDEX Biometrics ASA, a Norwegian biometrics specialist recently revealed the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. As per statement released by the firm, the Oslo headquartered biometrics specialist has onboarded Mr. Vince Graziani to serve as its new Chief Executive Officer effective from 27th February 2020. Mr. Vince Graziani will be replacing Mr. Stand Swearingen as the Chief Executive Officer in accordance to Mr. Swearingen’s recommendation that a new CEO be appointed to strengthen the firm’s management team and drive sales growth while Stan can focus on strategy and advanced technology. Stan has been a part of the firm for more than three years now having joined the firm back in May of 2016. He joined the firm as a member of strategy advisory council in and was promoted to the role of Chief Product Officer in October of 2016 and was promoted once again in 1st April 2018 to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Stan has displayed a successful track record in all his roles at the firm till date and as head of the firm he has led the company through a period of new product and market ecosystem development during his two year term in the role. Vince who takes on the mantle of CEO most recently served in the role of Vice President of Strategy Development and Implementation at Infineon Technology. As in his role as VP of strategy development team he was in charge of leading Infineon tech’s business development and strategic partnership operations. The incoming CEO is a veteran with more than three decades of career history and has served across leading tech and communication development firms in key role since early days of his career. He started out as a member of technical staff at RCA Automated Systems in 1982 post which he served as Director of technical sales at Siemens Components for nine years and in the same role at Level One Communications and Intel Corporation in early phase of his career.

Some of his other notable roles include – President and CEO of Sandburst Corporation, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at Broadcom, CEO of VBrick Systems Inc and member of board of directors, President and CEO at Sand9 Inc. Speaking about his role of CEO at IDEX Biometrics, Vince said “I have joined IDEX because of the strength of the team, the unique technology, and the significant opportunity I see for IDEX in the market, and, I look forward to leading IDEX into its next phase of sales growth”. Commenting on Vince’s appointment as CEO, Morten Opstad – Chairman of IDEX’s board said, “I want to thank Stan for his significant contributions to IDEX as CEO and look forward to him continuing to provide his leadership in this new role. During Stan’s two years as CEO, he has transformed IDEX from an IP organization into a technology leading Product Company well positioned for success in the biometric smart card market. I am also very pleased that Vince has chosen to join IDEX and we expect to benefit from his considerable experience driving sales, strategic partnerships, and growth in technology companies”.

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