Vator Securities deploys Bricknode Broker

Vator Securities has deployed Bricknode’s digital investment management platform to administer share issues.

The corporate finance and advisory service provider focuses on financing growth companies through a range of issuance services since 2010. Vator raises capital from local and global institutional investors, as well as a proprietary network of family offices and high net worth investors.

Bricknode’s technology allows Vator to administer its share issues with a highly automated digital investment platform, maintaining share ownership records and fulfilling operational processes. Bricknode’s scalable cloud platform will enable Vator’s ambition to support the growth of many more innovative companies.

Bricknode Broker is a versatile digital investment platform, supporting the operations needs of banks, neobanks, asset managers, fintechs, and now corporate finance firms. The platform can be used by companies to launch new digital investment products and automate wealth management operations across a broad set of criteria.

Vator is first corporate finance company to use Bricknode Broker solution

Jenny Lövesjö, Head of Issuer Services at Vator Securities, said: “Our aim is to support the financing needs of growth companies as they expand and develop into tomorrow’s market leaders. We recognise that technology plays an important part in enabling us to scale and better serve our customers. We chose Bricknode because its platform makes it easy for us to digitalise our processes and streamline our share issue operations.”

Erik Hagelin, co-CEO at Bricknode, commented: “Securing capital is a vital step for most fast-growing companies and so we’re thrilled to be working with Vator Securities to help make their share issuance services more efficient. Vator will also be the first corporate finance company to use our Bricknode Broker solution, and we see a great deal of potential in supporting other corporate finance firms in this way.”

Bricknode raised SEK 5 million to establish licensed brokerage subsidiary

In August, Bricknode secured a loan for SEK 5 million to support the company’s goal of establishing a licensed brokerage subsidiary including the required regulatory and operational capital. The firm disclosed the terms of the loan, which consist of a loan amount of SEK 5 million for a 1-year term at an interest rate of 1.5% per month.

The SaaS financial services platform has previously announced plans of launching a licensed brokerage subsidiary in order to carry out brokerage services for customers who lack their own regulatory permissions.

Bricknode already provides brokerage software and technology to several firms that don’t hold their own brokerage licence via a partnership agreement. The firm, however, wants to secure its own license in order to become the brokerage services provider for its clients instead of sending them to another provider.

Bricknode covers securities brokerage and digital banking products

Bricknode wants to support neobanks and fintechs to offer their own investment products through its core brokerage software and technology platform, Bricknode Broker.

The firm is thus establishing an all-in-one solution for launching new investing services: a software platform, brokerage outsourcing, and a regulatory umbrella. The company has applied for a securities brokerage license and expects the service to be operational by Q1 2023.

Bricknode helps firms launch digital banking products, from investment management to funds, lending, deposits and savings. The company also offers outsourcing solutions for back-office administration.