Using the MT5 White Label Platform to Establish Your Business

MetaTrader 4 has long been the dominant force in the industry, having held the top spot since its introduction in 2005. However, there has been a noticeable change in the trend as brokers now show a growing preference for MetaTrader 5.

With its reliability, efficiency, and wide range of features, MetaTrader 5 is setting new benchmarks in the market and compelling businesses to incorporate the MT5 trading platform into their brokerage operations. One of the most convenient and economical methods to achieve this is implementing the MT5 White Label solution.



An Overview of MT5 White Label’s History

MetaQuotes launched MT5 in 2010 as the successor to their highly successful MetaTrader 4 platform, which had dominated the trading platform market since its debut five years earlier. With a solid reputation spanning over a decade, MetaQuotes has catered to both individual retail clients and white-label partners, solidifying its position as a trusted provider in the industry.

By January 2023, the number of active MT5 users had surpassed 10 million, marking a significant increase from the previous year. Given the widespread popularity of MT5 among traders, integrating this platform into your brokerage can give your business a substantial competitive advantage, enhancing your credibility and appealing to a wider range of clients.

What Selling Points Can Brokers Receive from MT5 White Label Solution?

Brokers rely on having a platform that seamlessly integrates with liquidity providers and offers a range of management tools, including copy trading and bonus programs. Additionally, they prioritise functionalities that foster trading communities, such as social trading and PAMM systems, facilitating trading signals exchange among accounts.

Here is a brief overview of the main selling points of the MT5 WL platform:

The MT5 trading platform, similar to all other White Label solutions, is equipped with a complete infrastructure ready for immediate use. This infrastructure encompasses essential elements such as the trading interface, back office configurations, a CRM solution for efficient client management, and the trader’s office — a versatile workspace empowering traders to oversee all aspects of their trading endeavours.

Integration solutions play a crucial role in the overall functionality of a White Label solution. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the primary process in which the solution operates or complements. 

Integrating various systems or services into a White Label solution enhances its capabilities within its intended scope and provides a foundation for developing, implementing, and scaling custom applications and functionalities within the product.

A server extension refers to an extra module that can be added to the local servers of the MT5 trading platform to store specific values, activate various modes, and enhance migration efficiency. 

By doing so, users can create intricate combined structures and arrays of program code, expanding the capabilities to integrate and customise third-party components within the system seamlessly.

With the ability to connect multiple liquidity sources to ensure consistent, high-performance buy and sell transactions, the MT5 White Label platform offers the advantage of access to a deep liquidity pool regardless of the configuration or package in which the solution is deployed.

Factors Influencing MT5 White Label Solution Cost 

When it comes to online trading, many brokers find themselves questioning the reason behind the high cost of MetaTrader 5 White Label solutions. In this regard, let us delve into the fundamental factors that contribute to the pricing of MT5 White Label services.

  • Comprehensive Customisation

The MT5 White Label cost is primarily determined by the platform’s extensive customisation options. MT5 is widely recognised for its flexibility, empowering brokers with powerful tools to personalise the platform according to their specific requirements. This level of customisation extends beyond primary branding, enabling brokers to incorporate unique features and functionalities seamlessly. 

The MT5 White Label cost includes a significant portion dedicated to licensing fees mandated by MetaQuotes Software, the developer of the MetaTrader platforms. By obtaining a license, brokers gain entry to state-of-the-art technology, ongoing enhancements, and assistance services. These licensing fees play a crucial role in the ongoing advancement of the platform, guaranteeing brokers to offer customers a modern and competitive trading atmosphere.

  • Strengthened Security Protocols

The financial industry places great importance on security, and MT5’s strong measures significantly contribute to the overall expenses. The platform protects financial transactions and client information with advanced encryption protocols and security features. 

In today’s world, where cybersecurity is a top concern, these strict security measures, although increasing the cost of MT5 White Label, are crucial in upholding the reliability and trust of the trading ecosystem.


Using the MT5 trading system based on the White Label model is an ideal tool to provide a complete trading process using the latest developments and innovations to provide a completely new trading experience for traders and investors.