UK broker INFINOX adds 560 new stock CFDs

London-headquartered INFINOX is looking to diversify its suite of tradable assets by adding new CFDs on single stocks, which marks yet another stage of its decisive move into the surging arena.

The global brokerage has added over 560 new stock CFDs available to all clients, both retail and institutional, to broaden the scope of their trading activity and diversify their portfolio.

INFINOX noted that the new offering was the result of a pent up interest in the trading of companies across major world markets, including Europe and the Americas. This includes companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, Börse Frankfurt, Bolsa de Madrid, Euronext Paris and Euronext Amsterdam.

The broker further states that the new release is primarily focused on servicing the existing trading needs of their client base. Traders, both new to the platform as well as those longer-tenured have both expressed a desire to trade from a multi-asset, single-margin account.

Commenting on the news, Sam Chaney, head of international business development at INFINOX, said: “It was important for us to bring diversification to our clients, especially during times like these, when monetary policy leads to uncertainty in the markets. We’ve put great effort into this new list of stock CFDs, to make sure it is versatile and appeals to a wide variety of traders with different budgets, trading styles and objectives. We plan on continuously updating our CFD asset list – not just when it comes to stocks – because we truly believe that it provides a substantial advantage to our customers.”

Earlier in June, INFINOX has expanded its service offering by incorporating 22 new crypto CFD products on its platform. These new additions bring the total number of cryptocurrencies available to trade on the broker’s platforms to 43 crypto coins.

INFINOX’s multi-asset liquidity solution is backed by a global trading infrastructure, and offers over 300 trading instruments. Additionally, clients can access more benefits such as IXO Position Keeper, technology, white label offerings and more.

Originally called GO Markets UK, the firm rebranded to INFINOX in 2014. As an FCA-regulated brokerage, Infinox offers its trading services to clients on a global scale. The company has had its sights on growing its business in the aftermath of recent industry changes, and the brokerage has already opted to diversify its product range and clientele.