Twitter Launches Super Follows Powered by Stripe

Twitter has introduced a new feature called Super Follows which gives the creators a chance to monetize their content in the form of monthly subscription fees for accessing exclusive content made by the content creators.

The users would be able to make the monthly subscription payments through the partnership that Twitter has launched with Stripe Payments. This follows the partnership between the 2 companies on the Ticketed Spaces platform which Twitter had launched a week or so back where the content creators in Spaces would be able to charge fees and that would is also powered by Stripe at this time. Stripe has combined with a lot of platforms for such content partnerships and continues to rake in the revenue through these.

“Empowering creators — and the platforms behind them — is one of the highest-leverage things Stripe can do to diversify and strengthen the internet economy; it’s exactly what we mean by ‘growing the GDP of the internet,” said Connor Mullen, engineering lead for Stripe Express.

Stripe has been riding the wave of content creation which has shown very fast and large growth ever since the pandemic set in. With people being forced to stay at home, a lot of them are now having spare time to consume content from different platforms and this has led to the growth of the content ecosystem with users on one side ready to consume as much content as possible and content creators on the other side also showing a lot of creativity to come up with new content in a regular manner and with Stripe being able to power the payment transactions across a lot of such platforms, it has been able to ride a strong wave in revenue.

It was also recently revealed that the company is looking for a public listing in the coming months, similar to what Wise had done a few months back. The company was started in 2011 and it now believes that the time is ripe for a listing with payment companies being able to generate massive interest from investors and also getting high valuations due to the same reason, over the last few months. With the company continuing to dominate the online payments space with its easy-to-use API for merchants, it is likely to see some strong interest when it decides to go public.