TradingView now offers spread betting via Spreadex

Spreadex, a UK-based provider of sports and financial spread betting services, has extended its existing partnership with professional charting and trading platform, TradingView.

The fresh collaboration unveiled today introduces access Spreadex’s spread betting functionality directly through the TradingView app for the very first time.

Spread betting is a derivative strategy where participants don’t own the underlying asset, like a stock or commodity. Instead, they speculate on whether the asset’s price will go up or down, using prices provided by a broker.

Initially, Spreadex’s integration with TradingView included index CFDs, stock CFDs, and currency pairs, along with a range of risk management tools and US stocks.

TradingView users, who are also Spreadex customers, can receive customized alerts on breaking news, connect with other users, write down thoughts and scout the most active stocks of the day.

To access spread betting with Spreadex, users need just to head over to TradingView platform’s trading panel to find Spreadex icon, type in their broker credentials. They can find symbols available for spread betting by typing the SPREADEXSB: prefix in the symbol search or by using the Spreadex Trading button to filter symbols.

TradingView is a data-driven investor community that counts over 30 million monthly active users and is expanding globally with paying customers in over 180 countries worldwide. That compares to 2,000 visitors per day when TradingView first launched in 2011.

Furthermore, TradingView has a webstore where users can ‎purchase access to third-party tools. The company’s ‎solution had already been rising in popularity in recent ‎years as it has successfully marketed itself as a provider of ‎smooth HTML5 charts that encompass a diverse set of ‎asset classes.‎

TradingView’s paid version, which offers more advanced features, is also popular among professional traders and investors. The paid version includes advanced charting tools, backtesting capabilities, and custom indicators.