Tradeview’s Tim Furey on FX industry amid launch of Vulkan

FinanceFeeds is thrilled to announce the release of the 30th episode of the FinanceFeeds Podcast, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Isayev.

The episode features Tim Furey, CEO and Founder of Tradeview Markets. Founded in 2004, the retail broker offers a wide range of trading products across multiple asset classes including forex, stocks, commodities, cryptos, futures, and options, accessible through MetaTrader 4/ 5 and CQG.

Known for his energetic and forthright demeanor, Tim Furey promised, “I’m not going to give you a boring interview. I promise you that, all right?” True to form, Furey brings his distinctive style and candid insights to the conversation.

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How Tradeview Markets was born

During the podcast, Furey talked to Nikolai about his career path, from starting out in trading after college to working as a commodity broker and enjoying the fast-paced market environment.

He detailed his experiences transitioning from open outcry to electronic trading, which led him to move from Chicago to Florida and later to New York. In Florida, he worked as a proprietary trader at Schonfeld Securities, where he gained deep insights into aggressive trading strategies. The post-9/11 industry downturn prompted Furey to delve into Forex trading in New York at ODL Securities and eventually to start Tradeview Markets.

Furey discussed the challenges and adjustments required by regulatory changes, such as Dodd-Frank. These changes influenced him to focus on Tradeview’s operations outside the United States, leading to the establishment of a licensed broker-dealer in the Cayman Islands in 2012.

“It was a lot easier in 2012 to start a brokerage than it is now with all the requirements, all the capital…”

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Tim Furey described the evolution of Tradeview Markets from a modest team of four or five individuals in 2012 to a robust workforce of over 200 people by 2024. According to him, they are not just employees, but coworkers. The Cayman Islands play a crucial role in Tradeview Markets’ operations. Tim moved there to fulfill regulatory needs and oversee the company’s growth more effectively. He praised the Cayman Islands for its safety, beauty, and financial services-friendly environment.

Under his leadership, Tradeview Markets has expanded its reach globally. The company maintains offices in strategic locations worldwide, including the European Union and South America.

Vulkan Prime: Tradeview’s solution for brokers

A key milestone for Tradeview Markets was the development of Vulkan, a comprehensive trading and middleware solution. This platform was born out of necessity, as Tim was dissatisfied with the existing middleware options.

Now available for other brokerage firms, Vulkan Prime acts as a bridge connecting trading platforms with liquidity providers to enhance trading performance and efficiency. This technology ensures seamless integration and deployment, minimizing compatibility issues and enabling quick setup.

It offers fast trade execution and real-time data feeds, reducing delays and improving traders’ ability to capitalize on opportunities. Additionally, Vulkan Prime provides access to a wide network of liquidity providers, offering competitive pricing and extensive liquidity pools.

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The bridge includes advanced risk management tools that allow for precise risk assessments and control, tailored to the user’s specific needs. Moreover, users benefit from dedicated technical support provided by Tradeview Markets, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues.

Against the current in sports sponsorships

Tim Furey also shared Tradeview’s approach to the very much in-fashion sports sponsorship deals. Unlike typical corporate sponsorships that focus primarily on visibility and brand promotion, Tradeview aligns with personal passions and prefers to support amateur sports teams rather than professional leagues.

This approach is grounded in a belief that amateur organizations benefit more significantly from financial support and visibility than their professional counterparts, which often already have access to extensive resources.

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As a rugby enthusiast, Furey incorporates his love for the sport into the company’s sponsorship approach. Tradeview also sponsors youth and women’s teams, strengthening ties with local communities. Furey stressed that while visibility is a perk, their main focus is making a real difference in the communities they support.

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