Tradeview Launches Social Trading Service Called TradeGATEHub

TradeviewOnline dealer and multi-asset brokerage house, Tradeview has added a fully interactive social trading site to its services with the launch of TradeGATEHub. It will be providing engaging social website based on the company’s trading and investment experience in Wall Street and Fx spanning over decades.

TradeGATEHub will allow investors to trade in both active and passive ways and will be provided with analysis, stock market guidance and learning to help develop trading strategies. Some of the prime features that TradeGATEHub includes are:

  • Round the clock coverage of all developments in the market
  • Ability to watch how professional traders execute their trades in real-time while tracking their P&L
  • Chatting directly with top traders through the interactive chat box in different languages, appealing to a wider audience from different backgrounds.
Timothy Furey, Founder and CEO of Tradeview
Timothy Furey, Founder and CEO of Tradeview

It also provides live webinar briefings multiple times a day, economic calendars, and courses to develop the technical trading foundation and skills. Tradeview will be offering free two months subscription to any new members to mark the launch of TradeGATEHub. The launch also reflects the company’s outlined strategy, which includes more innovation and planned expansion into new markets.

Timothy Furey, Founder and CEO of Tradeview stated:

“Tradeview is pleased to announce TradeGATEHub, our new social trading platform which delivers all access to exclusive live trading rooms. Stay ahead of the big moves in the markets while gaining valuable insight from some of the top traders in the industry. Why trade alone? Open the GATE and connect to the world.”