Tradesmarter’s white label WOW TRADER integrates with TradingView

Tradesmarter’s white label trading platform solution WOW TRADER has integrated with TradingView, the high performance and mobile friendly charting tool.

By integrating this widely popular investing tool used by millions of investors and traders around the world, Tradesmarter further enhances the white solution for brokerages and financial services providers across the globe.

Tradesmarter, the B2B brand of cloud-based fintech firm Smarter Holdings International, delivers a set of fully hosted “out of the box” tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers seeking to create innovative trading and investing experiences.

WOW Trader is all-in-one platform for brokers

WOW Trader is the firm’s flagship product: a white label solution for brokers with built-in functionality that includes an all-in-one back-end solution for managing a firm’s CRM, risk management and affiliate marketing solutions eliminating the need for a patchwork solution of various fragmented business centric software tools that every financial services company needs.

The platform is responsive to the high demands put on servers and, coupled with a high-performance front-end solution with native app capability, the value proposition for new clients looking for a turnkey solution has become greatly appreciated within the industry.

The white label solution features mobile and web platform tools that execute trades and investments with an easy to use, point, click or swipe user interface.

WOW Trader provides a broker-agnostic trading solution so that any startup or legacy platform provider has the new tools to compete in a mobile first world. Tradesmarter has stated its current roadmap has many new exciting features to come.

WOW Trader as an alternative to MT4/MT5

The MetaTrader iOS MT4/MT5 apps have been removed from the App store, but the Google Play version of the trading apps has not been affected. However, the forex trading app removal calls for MT4 and MT5 alternatives that the brokers need to look for to provide a better trading platform that doesn’t allow brokers managers to manipulate pricing and trades and support fair trading.

With this in mind, Tradesmarter has presented WOW Trader as an alternative as it allows brokers to choose preferred liquidity & execution, preferred CRM & key Integration and preferred Charting.

WOW TRADER is an all-in-one product with a front-end that features TradingView Comprehensible Charts, embedded script, and responsiveness. The back-end features:

  • Defined Stop Loss/ Take Profit
  • Swaps and No Swaps
  • Feed Manager-Groups, Spread, LP
  • Execution ONZERO or Internal
  • Back Office-Manager/ Dealer

The white label solution enables easy navigation and intuitive user experience with no slippages and negative balance protection, facilitating trading with limited risk, the firm states.