Traders Union Experts Share The Trading Analyst Review For 2024

Navigating options trading in rapidly shifting markets poses a considerable challenge. This is where options trading alert services become invaluable. They aid traders in keeping abreast of evolving opportunities and market trends. In this assessment, Traders Union experts scrutinize The Trading Analyst alert service to ascertain its efficacy. 

The Trading Analyst

For further insights, refer to The Traders Union trading Analyst review, where you can discover more about its options alert service, which includes real-time trading alerts via SMS. This service is especially beneficial for beginners looking to make well-informed trading decisions without incurring excessive fees. With reasonable pricing, a proven track record of profitability, a sufficient frequency of alerts, and access to educational resources, it caters to traders’ needs effectively.

Upon subscription to The Trading Analyst, traders receive real-time text message alerts containing clear signals and precise pricing, ensuring they are promptly informed about new options positions with buy alerts and position exits with sell alerts, all in real-time, thus minimizing the chance of missing trading opportunities.

The Trading Analyst follows a strategy focused on achieving long-term, consistent profits, aiming for gains of 10% – 25% per trade, while prioritizing proper risk management to minimize losses and maximize gains. Priced at an annual subscription fee of $787, The Trading Analyst offers a cost-effective way to acquire valuable trading insights and potentially gain a competitive advantage in the market.

TU experts regard The Trading Analyst as a reliable and reasonably priced option alert service that provides transparent, actionable trading signals in real-time. Its emphasis on consistent earnings and prudent risk management makes it an outstanding choice for novice users seeking to improve their trading results.


The Trading Analyst offers several unique and valuable services:

  • Real-time trading alerts via SMS: traders receive timely notifications of potential trading opportunities, crucial in fast-moving markets.
  • Real-time portfolio tracker: provides a detailed view of a trader’s portfolio performance, facilitating adjustments to trading strategies.
  • Educational database: offers insights into options trading, including strategies, market trends, and risk management tips.
  • 2-5 real-time trade alerts per week: a manageable number of alerts based on market data and expert analysis, ensuring reliability and potential profitability.
  • Profitable trading record: a 53.3% win rate and a profit factor of 1.67, indicating the service’s potential for profitability.
  • Weekly trading report: exclusive insights into the options trading market, keeping subscribers informed about current events and trends.


According to TU, The Trading Analyst provides three subscription tiers tailored to various trading styles and budgets:

  • Monthly subscription: $147 per month, offering 2-5 swing trade alerts weekly, real-time text message notifications, and access to a live portfolio tracker.
  • Annual subscription: $787 per year, with the same features as the monthly plan, targeting a $100,000 annual profit and recommended for accounts over $25,000, saving subscribers $977 annually.
  • Quarterly subscription: $357 per quarter, includes all features of monthly and annual plans, saving $336 compared to the monthly option, suitable for those wanting to test the service before committing long-term.

In essence, The Trading Analyst’s subscription options cater to diverse trading needs, providing easy-to-follow trade alerts, real-time updates, portfolio tracking, and access to exclusive weekly trading reports.

Pros and cons

The Trading Analyst offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to options traders, aiming to simplify trading decisions and enhance profitability. Traders Union delves into the key pros and cons of The Trading Analyst, focusing on its offerings and potential drawbacks for users navigating the options market.


  • The Trading Analyst delivers easy-to-understand alerts via text message, enabling traders to swiftly act on potential opportunities.
  • Focusing on swing trading, The Trading Analyst targets substantial wins, backed by a track record of successful trades in the options market.
  • Subscribers can save up to $1,467 annually by opting for the cheaper annual subscription over monthly or quarterly plans.
  • All subscriptions can be canceled at any time, offering flexibility to users who wish to explore the service without long-term commitments.
  • Designed to maximize gains and minimize losses, the formula guides profit-taking and loss-cutting decisions, fostering consistent profitability.
  • Exclusive to members, the report provides valuable market insights, including outlook, portfolio updates, and trade summaries.


  • Its fees are comparatively high, potentially deterring traders seeking more affordable options trading alert services.
  • While offering educational resources and a weekly report, it does not provide detailed research and analysis, which may be limiting for traders reliant on comprehensive insights for decision-making.


Key to The Trading Analyst’s success is their profit target determination and risk management strategy, which includes setting initial profit targets, employing stop-loss mechanisms, and closely monitoring option position sizing.

Since July 2018, The Trading Analyst has maintained a win rate exceeding 53%, with 331 successful trades and 289 unsuccessful ones. Their average loss stands at -$2,619.59, while the average win amounts to $4,383.25, resulting in a profit factor of 1.67.

By simplifying the trading process and eliminating the need to navigate market complexities, The Trading Analyst enables subscribers to benefit from successful trades while maintaining their daily routines.

The Trading Analyst’s options trading alert service prioritizes safety and efficiency, offering traders a reliable process, comprehensive risk management, and a track record of profitability. Their dedication to long-term risk management distinguishes them in the market, ensuring a focus on reducing risk while maximizing gains.

Final thoughts

The Trading Analyst emerges as a reliable and reasonably priced option alert service, providing transparent and actionable trading signals in real-time. Its emphasis on consistent earnings and prudent risk management makes it an outstanding choice for novice traders seeking to improve their trading results. The service’s comprehensive suite of features, including real-time alerts, a portfolio tracker, educational resources, and weekly reports, caters to diverse trading needs. 

Despite higher subscription fees compared to some competitors, The Trading Analyst’s proven track record of profitability and focus on risk management position it as a valuable asset for users navigating the complex options market. The author of the article is Chinmay Soni, an investment analyst and portfolio manager at Traders Union.

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