Tradency Adds Auto-Trading Engines to Its Outsourcing Offering

Tradency, a pioneering fin-tech company focusing on product development and advanced services for financial institutions, has expanded its technology outsourcing offering, F-PaaS, with the underlying technology of its mirror trading products.


The company’s core auto-trading engines were added to the F-PaaS offering, which also includes complementary professional services and project development to provide customization, integration or a completely unique solution.


Lior Nabat, CEO of Tradency
Lior Nabat, CEO of Tradency

Lior Nabat, Chief Executive Officer of Tradency, commented: “Tradency crowdsourcing and real-time distribution technology has been a core value to our product offering and services since its introduction in 2005. And, now we are adding its capabilities to our F-PaaS and demonstrating it in new applications in various market segments such as a USA based predictive cash-flow Robo-advisor or an Asian Cryptocurrency social trading. We are committed to expanding the reach, use our rewarded technology, reinforcing our position as a leading provider of trading technology.”


Tradency’s F-PaaS package, which contains hosting and operational maintenance as well as trading execution and content management, will now empower additional new services for a long list of asset classes such as FX, CFD, equities, ETF, futures, and cryptocurrencies. The new APIs and Professional Services enhance the basic offering.


Its cloud-based architecture is based on CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) in order to achieve scalability, resiliency and infrastructure observability utilizing Docker Linux containers.

The open source components are able to minimize license fees and enable efficient R&D development and maintenance.


Tradency is a renowned provider of social trading, mirror-trading, and robo-advisory. The company is the proprietor of products such as the Mirror Trader, RoboX, and Smart Investor platforms, which are used by millions of end users globally.


In November 2016, Tradency has seen its automated trading solution RoboX to become officially certified by the independent external dispute resolution organization Financial Commission (FinaCom).


Also in late 2016, the company launched the Smart Investor CFD, which opened a new market niche that serves as a retention tool and a vehicle to attract substantial assets under management.


Tradency invented the Mirror Trading concept in early 2005, creating a bank-grade trading service that provides retail traders with valuable, professional knowledge and automatic trading strategy implementation.