TON Society Collaborates with HumanCode to Initiate a $5 Million Digital Identity Verification Incentive Program

Discover how TON Society and HumanCode’s groundbreaking $5 million incentive program is revolutionizing digital identity verification through advanced palm scanning technology, fostering a safer, bot-free environment for the TON ecosystem.

TON Society, network within the TON ecosystem, is partnering with HumanCode, a pioneering AI firm, to launch a significant $5 million incentive program. This initiative aims to equip Toncoin users with leading-edge palm scanning technology for secure and private digital identity verification. A notable aspect of this collaboration includes a generous offer from TON Society: a one million Toncoin incentive (valued at approximately US$5 million) to encourage the adoption of Proof of Personhood. This effort seeks to provide digital identity solutions to 500 million Telegram users within the next five years. The announcement was made at today’s Hong Kong Web3 Festival.

HumanCode’s integration into the TON ecosystem provides Toncoin users with a voluntary, secure method to confirm their identity on the blockchain. This move sets a new standard for combating bots, enhancing user privacy, and granting users autonomy over their digital identities. The technology promises quick and accurate palm scanning from any smartphone, adaptable to any browser, camera, and skin tone. In moments, it verifies a user’s humanity without compromising personal anonymity.

Dr. Zhang, who has spent over two decades at the forefront of search engine optimization, recommendation algorithms, and AI, recently turned his attention to privacy and security, culminating in the development of HumanCode’s palm recognition solution.

Dr. Zhang, founder of HumanCode, shared: “After years of developing bots for search engines and social platforms, it’s clear that bots now pose a major threat to the Web. The demand for human verification solutions is high. HumanCode’s palm technology not only enhances privacy but also requires no specific hardware. Considering Telegram’s 900 million monthly active users, we’re eager to contribute to TON’s community and advance Web3 adoption.”

Ekin Tuna, TON Foundation’s Director of Growth, emphasized the importance of supporting Proof of Personhood protocols like HumanCode’s: “This technology paves the way for a practical reputation system beneficial for everyone joining our ecosystem. A scalable, private, decentralized identity will significantly contribute to bringing the first one billion users into the Web3 ecosystem via Telegram. We are excited about the future possibilities this opens for the community and TON developers.”

Incentives from HumanCode will reward TON Society members who successfully complete the palm scan verification. Membership in TON Society is open to anyone with a TON wallet.

About The Open Network (TON)

The Open Network (TON) is a dynamic, decentralized blockchain network dedicated to making crypto accessible to everyone. By leveraging Telegram Messenger to build the Web3 ecosystem, TON aspires to empower 500 million users with control over their digital identities, data, and assets by 2028. More information can be found here

About HumanCode

HumanCode introduces a non-intrusive, privacy-focused solution for digital identity verification through palm recognition. Aiming to establish a human-centric digital identity ecosystem for a billion users in the AI era, HumanCode is at the forefront of developing a decentralized identity infrastructure. Visit for more details.