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Asian Indices Rebound, AUDUSD Under Pressure

August 28, 2019

Asian indices finished higher today as trade tensions between the China and USA ease. President Trump on Friday announced the increase of tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods to 30% from 25% starting Oct. 1, and above that, he will hike tariffs on another $300 billion in Chinese imports to 15% from 10%.

Equities Continue To Decline on Chinese Retaliatory Comments 

August 16, 2019

Global finance market is seeing bears dominate price action on geo-political cues influenced momentum. Latest headlines from China threatening the US with counter-tariffs on US goods if US government proceeds to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods caused risk aversion to remain strong in the market. While the news influenced some level of declines, as the market suffered a steep loss in the previous session, declines were relatively capped in today’s trading session.

Equities Positive on Data Driven Momentum, USD Declines on Rate Cut Bets

July 16, 2019

Global market is seeing equities and major benchmark indices open positive for the week on macro data-driven momentum. Better than expected Chinese macro data proved to be a positive trigger for market bulls helping major indices and equities see positive price action across Asian market hours. European market took positive cues from bullish momentum in the Asian market and positive Chinese data.

Equities Decline for Third Consecutive Session, US Job Openings & Powell Speech in Focus

July 10, 2019

Summary: Equities and major benchmark indices in Asian and European markets continue to decline for the third consecutive session today as bets surrounding possibility for Fed rate cut later this month continues to decline with each passing day. Asian market saw major indices drop to two and a half lows on cues from Wall Street as equities last night saw a sharp decline over the sharp drop in the price of Apple Inc., share price.

Equities Decline As Headlines Influenced Momentum Fades Away

July 3, 2019

Global market is seeing major benchmark indices and equities lose steam and slow down its bullish price rally in both Asian and European markets. While the trade war between the US and China has come to true yet again, the possibility of two nations coming to an agreement on trade deal still looms far away which has brought back investors concerns surrounding slowdown in the global economy back to the forefront.

Equities Mixed as Chinese Cues Dictate Directional Bias, US Futures Green on Rate Cut Hopes

June 14, 2019

Global equity market is seeing mixed price action in the global market today. Lack of progress in Sino-U.S. trade talks, increasing awareness that trade deal between two parties is unlikely in the upcoming g20 summit and headlines on massive street protests act as factors which provide the market with bearish cues. This has resulted in investor sentiment remaining divided in the global market. Further, the reduction in 2019 global crude oil demand growth forecast by OPEC also hurt risk appetite.