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Data Protection in CAT Explained

Data Protection note to broker/dealers that they will not be sending social security numbers to the CAT, but have a multi step system in place that FINRA CAT will be building so that the broker/dealers will be dealing in some hashing.

New Best Interest Standard Discussed

A broker acting in their client’s best interest may seem easy enough, but the new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rule takes over one thousand pages to spell this out.

FINRA’s Department of Enforcement Explained

The Department of Enforcement within FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, has four units, a key reform from 2018.

Lizzie Hogan is the Senior Vice President of Market Regulation Enforcement, one of the three units with the Department of Enforcement, and she was the latest guest on FINRA’s podcast “Unscripted”.

FINRA Came Down on a JP Morgan Securities Unit

FINRA today announced it has censured and fined JP Morgan Securities LLC (JPMS) $1.1 million for failing to timely disclose 89 internal reviews or allegations of misconduct by its registered representatives and associated persons spanning a six-year period. FINRA also required an undertaking by the firm to certify within 60 days that it has taken appropriate corrective measures,

FINRA’s Four Pillars of Corporate Values

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has hammered down its own corporate values. 

Rosie Allan, FINRA’s Senior Director for Organization Development was the latest guest on FINRA’s podcast Unscripted. 

In her role, Allan noted that she is charged with developing a framework for FINRA’s values which she described with four pillars: collaboration, expertise, innovation, and responsibility. Obtains Broker-Dealer License from FINRA

The platform is built on a permissioned, private blockchain designed to allow issuance of private securities such as equities, debt or other financial instruments in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations while providing a broad range of functionalities to investors, issuers and financial services intermediaries.

FINRA Spells Out Extraordinary Cooperation

FINRA Spells Out Extraordinary Cooperation. FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, would like its member firms to know there’s extra credit possible for cooperating in investigations. Susan Schroeder, the executive vice president and head of FINRA Enforcement, was the latest guest on FINRA’s podcast, FINRA Unscripted.


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