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Major Forex Brokers Are Migrating Away From Europe

May 8, 2019

The European Securities and Markets Authority – a regulatory body which governs financial firms and practices across all 27 nations of Europe has lately been putting pressure on the market in the form of new regulatory measures. With increasing pressure from regulatory body restricting various business practices and decreasing focus and participation towards forex markets from clients, major broker houses are looking at markets outside of Europe to establish and expand their business.

Some AFS Licensees May be Breaking Overseas Laws

April 14, 2019

Australian financial service (AFS) licensees that offer OTC derivatives to retail investors located in some overseas jurisdictions may be breaking overseas laws providing unlicensed or unauthorised services in those jurisdictions.

PRESS RELEASE for Monetary policy decisions

March 8, 2019

It has been decited that the key ECB interest rates would remain unchanged and ECB would continue reinvesting in securities,launching of (TLTRO-III) and continue lending operations