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OneZero Adds Dashboards and Tiles to Liquidity Hub 8.0

June 23, 2019

OneZero Adds Dashboards and Tiles to Liquidity Hub 8.0, The new features, which include Dashboards and Tiles, are part of an ongoing effort to enhance operational scalability and usability across an organization’s multiple departments and end-users.

BitGo Hires FX HFT Specialist Nick Carmi as Head of Financial Services

May 11, 2019

US based cryptocurrency wallet and financial services provider BitGo has hired Nick Carmi as its new head of financial services. Nick Carmi is a forex industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the sector most specialising on high frequency trades. Before joining BitGo, Nick Carmi worked as global head of FICC businesses at Tower Research Capital, a trading firm popular for HFT trading activity founded by Mark Gorton famously known as founder of file sharing platform Lime Wire.

Bloomberg Adds Market Data Feed to AWS Cloud

November 29, 2018

Bloomberg has launched a real-time market data feed in the cloud and available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). B-PIPE provides access to the same market data available through the Bloomberg Terminal.