Synternet Integrates peaq Network, Enhancing Blockchain Data Solutions

Synternet, a prominent blockchain data infrastructure provider, has expanded its Data Layer by integrating peaq’s network. peaq is designed as a foundational layer-1 blockchain, tailored to support DePIN and Machine Real World Assets (RWAs).

This integration makes peaq’s on-chain data, including transaction details and data flows from operational decentralized applications (dApps), accessible as a live stream within its decentralized framework.

This integration equips developers with the necessary tools to develop sophisticated dashboards, advanced analytics, and machine learning applications, leveraging an events-based architecture. Such tools are crucial for innovating within the Economy of Things on peaq’s platform, facilitating dynamic and responsive application development.

The event-driven architecture is crucial in the decentralized context of the Economy of Things, which encompasses various physical infrastructure networks. This framework supports applications like a navigation dApp that adapts routes based on real-time traffic data, a power grid management app that increases capacity during peak times, and environmental monitoring apps that use data from multiple sources to identify adverse trends.

With peaq’s integration, Synternet offers developers a customizable stream of on-chain data, enhancing their ability to run detailed analytics and develop data-driven dApps. Developers can tailor these data streams to fit specific needs, whether monitoring transactions or analyzing data from various DePINs, enabling tailored responses to network events.

“peaq’s vision of bringing Web3 into the real world has unbound potential, and unlocking this potential in full takes advanced data streaming tools,” says Jonas Simanavicius, CTO at Synternet. “We are excited to bring builders in the peaq ecosystem a versatile and highly customizable data streaming network for DePIN analytics and event-driven dApps. We are certain that it will open the door to a wide variety of innovative projects and use cases in the Economy of Things on peaq.”

 “Synternet’s capabilities add a versatile and powerful tool for data streaming for anyone in the ecosystem to leverage,” says Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq. “We are certain the integration will bring a lot of value to DePINs building on peaq and are excited to see the novel applications that it will power.”

 peaq is at the forefront of a global infrastructure revolution, empowering stakeholders in sectors like mobility, energy, and agriculture with the tools to own and earn from their resources. The platform supports over 20 applications across eight industries and is vital to more than 250,000 devices, including vehicles and robots. As a permissionless and borderless digital infrastructure, peaq is central to advancing intelligent machine capabilities in the age of AI and automation.

For more information about peaq’s offerings and to stay updated on developments, visit the peaq website, follow peaq on social media platforms like Twitter, and join the community discussions on Discord. These resources provide continuous insights into how peaq is transforming digital infrastructure to democratize technology in the age of AI and job automation.

Synternet is a blockchain entity that powers a versatile, interoperable data infrastructure across major blockchain networks. Its Data Layer serves as a customizable execution layer, where Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) empower developers to create specialized, use-case-specific applications that can operate on data from any chain. This capability positions Synternet as a key player in the blockchain ecosystem, facilitating broad-scale data integration and application development.

This strategic partnership between Synternet and peaq not only enhances the capabilities of developers but also broadens the potential for blockchain technology to impact various sectors by providing robust, real-time data solutions.