SxT and zkSync Forge New Path in Web3 Verifiable Computing

Space and Time to enhance the Polkadot ecosystem with an innovative one-click leverage staking solution, LoopStake, starting March 13, aiming to simplify and amplify yield generation for users.

Space and Time, a pioneering force in integrating artificial intelligence with blockchain through its Verifiable Compute Layer, has joined forces with Matter Labs, the innovative team behind zkSync, to announce their strategic partnership on March 14, 2024. This collaboration marks the commencement of Space and Time’s network launch on a zkSync hyperchain, setting a new standard in data processing with a zero-knowledge proof-powered Verifiable Compute Layer. This advancement is poised to revolutionize how smart contracts, Large Language Models (LLMs), and enterprises handle data, ensuring trustless, accurate, and tamper-proof outcomes.

In the digital age, the demand for transparent and integrity-rich data has skyrocketed, a trend that is even more pronounced in the decentralized Web3 environment. Recognizing the trillion-dollar potential of trust-minimized applications, Space and Time is dedicated to providing essential infrastructure to empower Web3 developers, facilitating the ecosystem’s growth and responsiveness to developer needs. By enabling the integration of blockchain-indexed data with custom or proprietary off-chain datasets for aggregation, analysis, and querying, Space and Time ensures that data returned to smart contracts is not only accurate but verifiably secure and tamper-proof.

The essence of Space and Time’s innovation lies in its decentralized data warehouse—a blend of transactional and analytical databases that merges real-time, blockchain-indexed data with off-chain datasets. This warehouse utilizes Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs to guarantee the integrity of data, which is crucial for training sophisticated artificial intelligence models.

By leveraging the synergy between Space and Time and zkSync’s cutting-edge ZK technologies, this partnership catalyzes further innovation in the blockchain space. It paves the way for the development of new protocols, applications, and use cases that can significantly benefit from enhanced data verifiability and security.

Space and Time’s strategic move to build and launch a ZK Stack hyperchain, specifically designed for its operations across various origin chains, showcases its commitment to enhancing the ecosystem’s decentralization. This hyperchain will serve multiple pivotal roles, including acting as the dedicated settlement layer and the hub for the network’s Total Value Locked (TVL), while ensuring a tamper-proof audit trail for data stored on the network.

Moreover, this collaboration with zkSync extends beyond infrastructure development. Space and Time is set to introduce new functionalities to the zkSync ecosystem, including making verifiably indexed zkSync data available to the developer community at no cost and delivering sub-second ZK proofs to zkSync smart contracts. This initiative not only facilitates the creation of verifiable, data-driven decentralized applications but also demonstrates Space and Time’s commitment to innovation and community support.

The partnership also explores the integration of SQL capabilities into the zkEVM stack, a move that could make zkSync the first SQL-compatible smart contract platform. This integration signifies a leap towards enabling smart contracts on zkSync to access, aggregate, and analyze verifiable data from traditional financial markets, thereby unlocking new possibilities for sophisticated DeFi applications that leverage off-chain data.

Vassilis Tziokas, Head of Enterprise Business Development at Matter Labs commented on the new partnership: “Space and Time introduces two novel ideas: a decentralized data warehouse and the Proof of SQL protocol, which together serve as the foundational Verifiable Compute Layer for Web3. This, in combination with the Space and Time hyperchain, will enable zero knowledge-based verification of queries/data and ensure that community-operated data warehouse nodes are not manipulating raw data or the query results. We’re excited to partner with SxT and advance our shared vision of offering developers sophisticated, data-driven, cross-chain smart contracts.”

Space and Time’s leadership in the ZK space is further cemented by its recent open-source release of Blitzar, a GPU acceleration framework that powers the Proof of SQL. This breakthrough technology has enabled the delivery of the first sub-second ZK proofs on-chain, highlighting Space and Time’s innovative prowess and its potential to redefine blockchain and AI integration.

As the collaboration between Space and Time and zkSync evolves, it promises to bring about a new era of trustless, efficient, and low-cost ZK-proven transactions, welcoming zkSync developers into an expansive and thriving ecosystem. This partnership not only underscores the commitment of both entities to scaling Ethereum and enhancing the Layer 2 landscape but also marks a significant milestone in the journey toward realizing the full potential of blockchain technology for developers and users alike.