Sumsub welcomes Binance into Global Travel Rule (GTR) Alliance

“The integration of GTR protocol with Sumsub’s Travel Rule solution is a major advancement in ensuring interoperability and addressing the sunrise issue.”

Sumsub has announced its partnership with Binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange platform, to enhance Travel Rule compliance through the Global Travel Rule (GTR) Alliance.

The collaboration will grant access to a vast ecosystem of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), financial institutions, and fintech companies engaged in crypto transactions with Binance’s 183M+ users, facilitating secure transaction data validation.

This integration boosts Sumsub’s compliance solution for the crypto industry by enabling interoperability and addressing the sunrise issue, where counterparties may not be compliant with Travel Rule requirements due to the staggered adoption across different jurisdictions.

The sunrise issue in the context of cryptocurrency compliance refers to the challenge arising from the staggered implementation of these regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions and Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). The term “sunrise” symbolizes the gradual onset or commencement of these regulations coming into effect at different times for different entities.

This issue creates a situation where some VASPs are required to comply with the Travel Rule, which mandates the collection and sharing of personal information for transactions above a certain threshold, while others are not yet obliged to do so due to their local regulations not having caught up.

This lack of uniformity leads to complexities in conducting transactions between VASPs that are at different stages of regulatory compliance, causing problems in the interoperability and smooth operation of global crypto transactions. The challenge lies in ensuring that all parties in a transaction are compliant, making the process of adhering to the Travel Rule more complicated than if a simultaneous, global implementation were in place.

Sumsub’s recent “State of Verification and Monitoring in the Crypto Industry 2023” report, based on analysis of over 800,000 fraud attempts and insights from the crypto sector, underscored the challenges of Travel Rule compliance and emerging fraud methods like AI-generated deepfakes.

Sumsub is renowned for its comprehensive verification platform, offering KYC, KYB, and other compliance solutions to over 2,000 clients across various industries, demonstrating its commitment to security and compliance in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

“Addressing the sunrise issue”

Steve Christie, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer at Binance, said: “Global Travel Rule Alliance is an exciting step forward in solidifying our international compliance efforts. We’re particularly enthusiastic about the ability it gives us to consolidate our efforts globally, moving past the challenge of fragmented regional integrations. This move doesn’t just bring us into alignment with FATF’s global standards – it’s about proactively providing our extensive user base with the assurance that their data and transactions are secure. This alliance amplifies the trust, security, and transparency that our users can expect at Binance.”

Jacob Sever, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Sumsub, added: “Integrating with Global Travel Rule Alliance is a significant milestone for us, underscoring the importance of collaboration in the crypto space. The integration of GTR protocol with Sumsub’s Travel Rule solution is a major advancement in ensuring interoperability and addressing the sunrise issue. By enabling seamless interaction between members of both ecosystems, this partnership not only enhances the infrastructure of the global crypto ecosystem but also fosters trust both within and outside the industry. Looking forward, Sumsub is empowered to work toward natively integrating other protocols into its Travel Rule solution in the future.”

Sumsub partnered with Chainalysis for Travel Rule solution

Sumsub recently integrated with blockchain data platform Chainalysis in a move that significantly enhances the full-cycle verification provider’s capabilities when it comes to compliance in crypto markets. Leveraging Chainalysis’ extensive blockchain analytics platform and services, Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring and Travel Rule solutions ensure regulatory compliance, secured data storage and automated crypto transaction monitoring for client companies.

Sumsub’s integration with Chainalysis and its Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) management model allows Sumsub to provide unified workflows and automated monitoring of transactions via a secure channel for the benefit of crypto businesses and their digital compliance needs. The partnership ensures that clients stay compliant as crypto regulations become more stringent and sophisticated.

The compliance solution mainly targets crypto exchanges, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and neobanks interacting with crypto for their customers. These firms now can set up automated crypto transaction monitoring and advanced analytics for deeper investigations and effective risk management in one unified dashboard.