Stirlingshire Invesments adds Quotestream to trading platform offering

Stirlingshire offers a blend of self-directed trading with zero commission charges and advisor-guided journeys that directly tie the financial success of its representatives to that of their clients.

QuoteMedia, Inc., a leading provider of market data and financial applications, has announced a strategic agreement with Stirlingshire Investments, a disruptor in the brokerage landscape known for its Hybrid Broker-Dealer model.

Under the agreement, QuoteMedia’s streaming data application, Quotestream Trader, will be integrated into Stirlingshire’s cutting-edge trading platform.

Stirlingshire to boast Quotestream Trader

Stirlingshire Investments has redefined the brokerage industry with its unique framework that amalgamates the best aspects of Full-Service and Discount Broker-Dealers, leveraging technology to significantly reduce overhead and align compensation closely with performance. The firm’s mantra, “Better for Clients, Better for Advisors,” sums up the disruptive nature of its business model.

“Stirlingshire is dedicated to innovation, and QuoteMedia’s leading-edge offerings are a perfect fit with our goals,” said Steven Woods, Stirlingshire’s Founder & CEO. “Our clientele quite justifiably expects best-in-class products and services from us, and the platform is receiving rave reviews.”

Quotestream Trader will enrich the trading experience for Stirlingshire’s network of broker representatives and retail clients by providing real-time market data, comprehensive news, research, and advanced charting and analysis capabilities. The integration aims to empower investors and brokers to identify and capitalize on market opportunities more effectively.

Dave Shworan, CEO of QuoteMedia, Ltd., also commented on the collaboration: “Stirlingshire’s approach is truly innovative, and they are enjoying tremendous early success and growth. We are thrilled that they have chosen to incorporate our data and technology solutions, and that we can join them as they revolutionize the brokerage and investment industry.”

QuoteMedia is a key player in the market data solutions segment, providing a plethora of services from real-time quotes to market research and news. The company has built an impressive roster of clients, including leading financial institutions and stock exchanges, such as Nasdaq, TMX Group, JPMorgan Chase, and The Goldman Sachs Group, among others.

Stirlingshire combines aspects of Full-Service and Discount brokerage

Born out of the need for change, the firm aims to address shortcomings in traditional Full-Service and Discount Broker-Dealer models. Stirlingshire’s Hybrid Broker-Dealer framework could prove to be the solution many in the industry have been waiting for.

Stirlingshire’s hybrid approach combines the advantageous elements of both Full-Service and Discount Broker-Dealer models while discarding their inherent flaws. The platform offers a blend of self-directed trading with zero commission charges and advisor-guided journeys that directly tie the financial success of Stirlingshire’s representatives to that of their clients.

One key feature that sets Stirlingshire apart is its refusal to engage in Payment for Order Flow (PFOF), a practice often criticized for its potential to conflict with client interests.

The conventional asset management model frequently disappoints, especially with annual fees that can range from 1-2% for Full-Service Broker-Dealers. Stirlingshire takes an alternative path: commissions are applicable only upon realizing profits on investments introduced by the company’s licensed Representatives. If losses are incurred from their recommendations, no commissions are charged.

Stirlingshire BD LLC, the broker-dealer entity behind Stirlingshire Investments, is registered with the SEC and is a member of both FINRA and SIPC.