Standard de Liège taps KYC specialist iDenfy to address fraud

The Belgian football club plans to leverage iDenfy’s full-stack KYC software to enable digital identity.

Standard de Liège, the leading football club based in Belgium, has partnered with KYC specialist iDenfy to fortify the online registration process and ensure security of official club members and member card holders.

iDenfy is a prominent RegTech company specializing in automated identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. The firm has recently been selected by Fincapital  and ECNG Digital for its KYC and AML solutions.

Handling cyberattacks and ticket fraud

The prevalence of cyberattacks in the sports industry has become a significant concern, with a recent report by the National Cyber Security Centre revealing that 70% of sports organizations face at least one cyberattack annually. In response to this escalating threat, iDenfy advocates for the adoption of KYC tools.

Standard de Liège, recognizing the paramount importance of a security-first approach, asserts that the partnership with iDenfy will address and mitigate major security issues tarnishing the reputation of the football industry. The Belgian football club plans to leverage iDenfy’s full-stack KYC software to enable digital identity, revolutionizing its online registration process for supporters eager to join the exclusive membership program. This initiative includes a fully remote registration process, simplifying the flow and empowering the club to enhance online ticket and merchandise sales.

Upon completing the online registration process, Standard de Liège supporters will attain official membership status and receive an exclusive members-only card. This digital card serves as a designated pass on match days and offers a convenient payment method for all in-stadium purchases, ensuring long-term usability. The football club emphasizes that this digital membership card will aid in tracking incidents and minimizing undesirable activities in and around football stadiums.

According to Ciulde, iDenfy’s CEO, ID verification plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of all participants attending football games. Offenders who have faced sanctions from authorities are prohibited from attending sporting events, making ID verification an essential tool for maintaining a secure environment. “With the growing sales of online tickets and the dedicated fanbase of Standard de Liège, we are honored to provide our identity verification services and enhance the level of security in the sports and entertainment environment.”

Ticket fraud is another challenge faced by football clubs, leading to financial losses. Standard de Liège aims to combat this issue by identifying all members and membership card holders through iDenfy’s four-step identity verification solution. The technology extracts personal information from government-issued ID documents, preventing the use of fake profiles in the online registration process. This remote onboarding process helps identify perpetrators and ensures that all members conducting transactions in the stadium are genuine, minimizing the risk of fraud within Standard de Liège’s digital and physical environment.

iDenfy’s verification software, supporting over 3000 document types from 200 countries and territories, employs advanced facial recognition algorithms to detect fraudulent attempts, including the use of facemasks, 3D renderings, and deepfakes.