SSV.Network Achieves $2B in TVL and Collaborates with Ether.Fi

Explore the latest advancements in staking infrastructure as SSV.Network reaches $2 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) and collaborates with Ether.Fi to enhance decentralized staking solutions.

Staking infrastructure provider SSV.Network has reached a significant milestone by accumulating $2 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) through staked ETH. Further strengthening its position, SSV has formed a strategic partnership with Ether.Fi, incorporating its distributed validator technology (DVT) into their advanced restaking platform.

Over a span of just 30 days, the TVL in Ethereum staked through SSV’s decentralized protocol has doubled, now exceeding $2 billion. This surge indicates a doubling in the number of Ethereum validators utilizing SSV’s services, now totaling more than 19,000. The SSV Network protocol currently safeguards over 568,000 ETH, managed by nearly 400 node operators, which includes top-tier staking providers.

Ether.Fi has recently integrated SSV’s Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) into its restaking services. This integration decentralizes and enhances the fault tolerance of Ether.Fi’s staking operations.

Mike Silagadze, CEO of, commented on the partnership: “ is committed to enhancing decentralization and resilience in our operations. Partnering with SSV supports our goals and helps maximize the rewards for our users.”

The integration of SSV’s DVT allows any staking application to connect with a worldwide network of high-performance node operators. This connection enables Ether.Fi to diversify its node operator base geographically, thereby strengthening the security of the ETH staked on Ethereum’s foundational layer.

Recently, Ether.Fi added nearly 2,000 validators to the SSV.Network, enhancing its TVL by $200 million. This addition not only boosts resilience but also improves relay reliability by employing operators that utilize the same MEV Relay correlation, thus enhancing the efficiency and stability of the network. An SSV cluster utilized by Ether.Fi recently earned an 11ETH MEV block reward, underscoring the benefits of this integration.

DVT is critical in enhancing ETH staking and safeguarding the network against potential threats. This technology avoids single points of failure and minimizes the risk of penalties by allowing multiple parties, such as professional node operators and individual stakers, to operate a single validator. By enhancing the resilience and reliability of restaking, Ether.Fi is setting new standards in security and trust within the staking ecosystem.

About SSV.Network

SSV.Network develops user-friendly and scalable infrastructure tailored for developers, utilizing the Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) as its core framework. Designed specifically to support Ethereum staking, DVT allows for a permissionless environment where staking operators and validators can easily join and participate in the Ethereum network. This approach democratizes access and fosters a more inclusive ecosystem for Ethereum staking.

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