SquaredFinancial sets CPA at $1,200 to attract IBs and affiliates

SquaredFinancial has unveiled its enhanced partnership program as part of the global brokerage firm’s ongoing journey into new markets and jurisdictions.

The program now offers competitive spreads and low commissions, up to 80% of spreads and $1,200 per CPA, without limits on rebate or CPA.

Designed to foster incremental growth, value, and expansion opportunities, the rewards program is being revamped in order to reinforce partner loyalty as well as overall business expansion.

The revamped program now offers competitive spreads and low commissions, up to 80% of spreads and $1,200 per CPA, without limits on rebate or CPA. Partners are set to enjoy quick and straightforward withdrawals for both CPA and instant rebates. The program also introduces exclusive tools and services tailored to augment partners’ portfolios.

Regional contests, competitions, and event sponsorships for IBs and affiliates

Further, Introducing Brokers (IBs) gain access to regional contests and competitions to stimulate business growth. Affiliates, on the other hand, can capitalize on event sponsorships to boost exposure and conversion rates.

A strong emphasis on localization ensures that partners can effectively serve diverse markets through tailored promotional materials, localized support, and regional events and initiatives.

Complementing this enhanced partnership scheme is the launch of a dedicated multilingual website. This platform is designed to offer partners an intuitive and engaging experience, characterized by a fresh look and feel, ensuring seamless navigation.

SquaredFinancial ran IB competitions in Asia, GCC, Nigeria

During Q1 2024, SquaredFinancial ran IB Regional Competitions, featuring enticing prizes exceeding $150,000, and targeting Introducing Brokers (IBs) in Asia, GCC & MEA, and Africa, specifically Nigeria.

From January 1st to March 31st, 2024, the IB Competitions had IBs from the specified regions introducing new active clients to SquaredFinancial, and earning rewards alongside their regular monthly earnings.

Founded in 2005, the broker recently introduced its proprietary mobile trading app and a fixed-time deposit account with APR earnings of up to 5.25%, showcasing its commitment to continuous innovation in the industry.

Philippe Ghanem wants talent

A few months ago, Philippe Ghanem, Founder and CEO of SquaredFinancial Group, issued an inspiring call for talents to join his renowned company. This call came at a pivotal moment as SquaredFinancial Group embarks on an exciting phase of global expansion. “Our success story is underscored by our dedication and commitment to embrace boundless opportunities and challenges. Today, we are in a phase of continuous expansion, and my call is crystal clear: join the SquaredFinancial family to further broaden the scope of our business and extend our expertise to investors of diverse backgrounds.”

The brokerage firm recently announced a significant enhancement to its leadership team with the addition of six seasoned executives: Craig Jenkins, Thomas Selby, Dominique El Khoury, Drosoula Hadjisavva, Spyros Andreou, and Catharine Ioannou.

The new executives will complement the current leadership team, which includes Philippe Ghanem (Founder and CEO), Manie Van Rooyen (Partner and COO), Ali Rupani (Partner and Global Head of Front Office), Stathis Flangofas (Group CFO), Philios Petrides (Chief Data & Product Officer), Noureldeen Hammoury (Chief Market Analyst), Chrysovalantis Karageorgiou (Global Head of Operations), and Constantinos Ghalanos (Head of Dealing).