Spotware unveils versions 4.4 of Desktop and Web terminals

Spotware Systems, a technology provider for the electronic trading industry, has launched updated versions of its cTrader Desktop and Web terminals, which add new functionality to join a roster of advanced trading capabilities.

cTrader Desktop 4.4 ameliorates the traders’ experience through one of the biggest selections of technical improvements within several years, according to a corporate statement.

With the new version, cTrader Desktop now supports shared account access and advanced technical analysis features, including an updated drawing toolbar and new Fibonacci Time zones to level up users’ trading experience.

Users can now share, revoke, and waive access to their trading accounts with other traders. However, the access is limited to trading activities and does not include deposits and withdrawals on behalf of the account holder. Portfolio managers and IBs can access and manage several shared accounts of different users.

Additionally, cTrader users can get the enriched Trading Central window from the Active Symbol Panel with additional technical analysis data and trading ideas. They also can place orders from the main toolbar as a “New Order” button is now always on display in the toolbar.

In the new version, the company has brought further improvements to the performance optimization which builds on the recently overhauled user interface that was applied in the beta version. Among other functions, cTrader adds a variety of technical analysis tools, including a new Fibonacci Timezones drawing, display of third-party services inside cTrader and build custom UI using the full power of HTML+css. Users can now set up and receive cBot and custom indicator emails via MailKit.

Meanwhile, cTrader Web 4.4 introduces shared access to trading accounts, easy deposits and withdrawals into demo accounts, and faster loading speeds to level up users’ trading experience. Several newly developed features have been designed by Spotware experts to meet the needs of traders as well as brokers.

Largely focused on the developers in the cTrader ecosystem, the update ensures swiftness in general performance after the terminal migrated to the latest. NET6 version. But while the updates spice up the desktop version with some of the most sought-after additions, cTrader maintains the old NET4 framework for backward compatibility with all existing cBots and indicators.

These new features securely fall in line with Spotware’s goal of keeping cTrader as one of most trader friendly platforms on the market. The company says that adding such preferences allows their traders to decide exactly how they want the platform to work for them.