Spotware Systems integrates TradingView with cTrader

Spotware Systems, a technology provider for the electronic trading industry, has partnered with popular charting software TradingView to open the door for more broker integrations with its flagship platform, cTrader.

The essence of this partnership revolves around integrating the cTrader backend with the TradingView frontend, a move that promises to streamline the integration process for new broker partners. The integration of TradingView brings several advanced features to the platform. Traders will now have the ability to track multiple charts simultaneously, up to eight, offering a more expansive view of the market.

TradingView also offers advanced technical tools, providing users with additional resources for market analysis and decision-making. This includes capabilities for viewing market movements over various time intervals, offering traders custom perspectives and deeper insights into market trends.

“The partnership has laid the foundation for systematically integrating the cTrader backend into the TradingView frontend for brokers powered by Spotware technologies. It makes the process easier for new partners to connect to the world’s most popular charting platform and grow their business in a vibrant trading community,” the statement reads.

Another notable feature of this integration is the specific date navigation, enabling traders to quickly access historical market data for a particular date. This feature is particularly useful for analyzing past market behaviors and patterns.

The upgrade also introduces undo/redo buttons, simplifying the process of modifying chart settings. Additionally, users can customize shortcuts to their preferred intervals for quicker access.

These new features securely fall in line with Spotware’s goal of keeping cTrader as one of most trader friendly platforms on the market. The company says that adding such preferences allows their traders to decide exactly how they want the platform to work for them.

TradingView is a data-driven investor community, which is ranked among the top 300 websites in the world, powering over 40,000 other websites and providing social networks. The company’s approach differs from other ‎social trading networks because it is chart-based with an emphasis on ‎visuals to support investing and provide communal space to view ‎and share trading ideas.‎