Spotware introduces Push Notifications for cTrader mobile apps

Spotware Systems, a technology provider for the electronic trading industry, is introducing a new push notification feature to alert mobile users of price swings and market fluctuations through their cTrader app.

The push notifications are intended for all Android and iOS devices. The new release aims to enhance the experience of mobile trading, which is constantly gaining new ground, and keep traders in sync with the constant market updates.

There are a plethora of benefits when using cTrader’s push notifications. For example, the features helps inform traders about the price fluctuations of the most popular tradable assets. Once users tap on a push notification about the price change of a certain symbol, they are redirected to the symbol screen inside the app when they can place a Buy or Sell order.

It’s important to note that the updates provided through this service aren’t signals or suggestions to take a particular action but rather factual information on the current market price of the affected instrument.

These notifications can be filtered by group and language, allowing brokers to better target their audience, and they allow for deep linking as well, enabling trader actions in fewer steps. This feature helps brokers to increase revenue, build audience relationships, and get users back into the mobile app, by sending real-time updates about market news, trending trading symbols, or newly-launched promotions for their traders.

William Aweida, the Business Development Manager at Spotware, said. “Push Notifications are undoubtedly an effective and free marketing communication channel for brokers and what sets this apart from other marketing methods is that everyone has their mobile within their reach at any given time. On top of that, the feature is not restricted to marketing and promotional purposes only. It can be used to deliver useful information, market alerts, industry news and whatever a broker wants to inform the traders about”.

The launch of push notifications along with other powerful features of the cTrader app has contributed in growing a strong client base of cTrader users over the last year. Specifically, many brokers are reporting that most of their clients are now trading on cTrader and that this number grows steadily as the audience gets more educated about the functionalities of the platform.

The service is an important initiative because it allows the broker to connect with its clients even when they do not interact with the platform. At the same time, it provides time-sensitive information to traders that would otherwise be missed.

The combination of push notifications with other platform alerts such as Price Alerts can help traders be more engaged in the trading process and take faster actions on opportunities that may arise if they choose to. Spotware also states that their broker clients have seen a steady increase in client engagement with the app since the launch of the push notifications service. Moreover, traders’ use of the copy trading functionality has significantly grown over the last year, making the cTrader app a clear winner.